1. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone know where these harness plugs go to??

    Hi guys, I've looked in service manual in Electrical section and I cannot find what this connector could be, my first thought was it could be for the ABS computer since mine didn't come with it... I bought a ABS computer and the connectors are totally different size. So I'm lost at this point...
  2. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Looking for 99 Silvia ABS ECU (computer)

    As the title says need a 99 abs computer (ecu) with pigtails, thanks guys let me know what you guys have
  3. hendo

    DIY Air/Fuel setting?

    Does anyone know if you can or how you can set and check your air/fuel ratio at home, plus adjust it to suit your needs. I'm thinking that you can't without a computer and dyno but you never know.
  4. TriniGT

    WTB: S15 ABS Computer

    Looking for an S15 ABS computer. It is located next to the ECU down in the left passenger side behind the kick panel. Let me know who has one they are not using and price shipped to me in Trinidad, postal code is TT. Jason.
  5. mint

    Do a Skid! - Crail HD

    Made this video of Crail Raceway when we had our Tramp drift / SXOC day. Footage is from a £70 Cam (you can tell :p lol) and was knocked up in Movie Maker so as you could expect.. quality is poor. Alas.. My computer was too **** to deal with even this! So .. I couldnt see on my screen what went...
  6. N

    how do i put up pics???

    just wondering for the not so good users of the computer hoe do i post up pics of my car on the sale thread??
  7. S

    power fc setting

    hello i have a power fc But I have not found who programmed my computer modifications are: intercooler front exhaust 3''regulatory pressure gasoline, benzine walbro pump, air flow z32. Helps if one of you who have the power fc pass the same information to my computer thanks very...
  8. Topper

    Picture Loss Nightmare !

    My computer, as of yesterday has deleted all the pictures i have ever uploaded from my camera and phone into the My Document file ! ! I dont know how many there were but a good few hundred :( I spent a good while with our computer geek yesterday trying to find them, we found about 200, but they...
  9. Yakozan

    Woohoo, got a new work computer :D

    Got a new computer at work. So now I might actually get some work done :) Feels good to be able to have several programs running at the same time without a blue screen appearing :D