1. A

    Replace gauges without having to replace wiring?

    I have these gauges in my car Do the newer greddy gauges fit right into the same wiring? If I got a different brand, would the sensors I have in the water & oil connect up or would I have to replace everything? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: Everything to connect Z32 AFM to Turbo (bottom mount)

    As title, after hardpipe, reducers, joiners, whatever else is needed to connect a Z32 AFM to the turbo. A complete Apex stainless kit would be ideal. Let me know what you have!
  3. B

    Fuel line quick connect fittings

    Hi, Does anyone know if these quick connect to -6 AN fittings are compatible with the ones on the fuel tank cap on the S15? They...
  4. S

    Blitz dual sbc spec r

    Hi all got this today and the instructions are all Japanese, and seeing as I can't read that I was wondering am I right in thinking I need to connect to the intercooler pipes? As mine has no nipple, will I need to get one fitted or is there another option? Cheers Ollie
  5. Jay

    My ecu has died!

    well.... during the fitting of my nistune board, as soon as my mapper tried to connect to consult, the ecu shat itself. we think someone at somepoint has messed with it and screwed with the connection, the result being the instant it was connected to, it crashed. we have plugged a 14a ecu and it...
  6. sparks

    wiring gauges? HELP

    hey guys need some help with wiring of swoosh gauges red(b+) which is battery black= ground yellow(acc) which is ingtion orange (ON,the car power line that will not be disconnected at start of engine) DONT UNDERSTAND THIS ONE cant understand where or wat the yellow cable is for. and where is...
  7. slammedmind

    FS: greddy oil sensor block

    used but in perfect working order, allows you to connect in an oil temp/pressure gauge. ?30
  8. K

    Need help for ESVA (vacuum pics)

    Could you kind peeps on here help me out. I've got all the engine back to stock now, but need some help with the vacuum pipes. Could you take some pictures of all your vacuum pipes and post them up? I'm interested in the turbo, actuator, solenoid side and the oem bov side and where they...