1. H

    Consult cable and software required asap ***ESSEX AREA***

    I lent my Laptop and consult cable to someone a long time ago and I'm concerned i won't get it back before this weekend when ill be changing my engine. does anyone in the Essex area have a Lappy/software and cable i can borrow for a few days?
  2. gaz15

    WTB: Consult cable

    As above anyone got a consult cable?
  3. Fruitbooter

    Nissan Consult Interface tool

    I know the actual consult consoles retail in the £1000's so haven't got much hope in this but its worth a shot. Does anyone know if one of these would work? I'm looking to diagnose a fault with the...
  4. D

    FS: Nistune ECU for sale & Consult Cable will post international

    Hi All, I have a still wrapped, never used, nistune ECU for a nissan s15 turbo. Also, I have the consult cable, which is pretty expensive. Selling both for 250AUD, saves about 200 bucks from new, but is as if you just bought it yourself. Been sitting on my desk for a couple of months...
  5. Ozone

    FS: NIStune and ECUtalk for Sale

    As you may have read in the project section I wrote off my S15 bigtime last year so I'm selling off bits I have left. NIStune This enables you to tune the original Nissan ECU. A board is soldered to the ECU that enable all the setting to be changed - speed limiter, Fueling, Ignition timing...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Yashio Water Temp HELP!!

    Hi folks :) Either I'm being dumb or summat but the Yashio 'Okachan' Water Temp gauge does not seem to be as straight forward as I thought?! Here's a pic of all the bits I got (this is the version that plugs into the S15 consult etc): The green wire highlighted by the green box is...
  7. mint

    consult port?

    Where is this?? I have just got a Yashio Digital water temp sensor thingy and i need to plug it into the consult port... is it in the fuse box?
  8. richy200

    consult software and lead

    Hey guys, i've recently had a engine swap (na sr20de out and s14 silvia sr20det in) i have a mines ecu in the car and it has been mapped by mines. The guy that did the conversion told me that he connected the consult up so that should be working (hasn't been tested) i just wanted to know...
  9. A

    Consult software and USB lead

    I am looking into getting the consult software and USB /Serial cable for the S15.. (Getting rather excited as before now all i had to look at was flashing red and green LED's on the S13!! :nod:) So I have read a number of threads