1. G

    WTB: S15 Spec S SR20DE WANTED

    After an SR20DE VVT to replace my broken one. Will consider any mileage / condition engine as long as it runs and doesn't knock / have compression issues. Contact me on here or on 0758 four six five 1766. Thanks
  2. H

    Cant see my posts

    Im pretty sure I've made more the the required 5 over the last 3-4 days on top of that I have posted a few before (although many years ago) I've been looking at ways to contact a moderator but seemingly i can't even do that...
  3. Lil SpecR

    How to pay up?

    Please dont get mad at me if I have missed something obvious: Who do I contact about paying? I see how to make the payment but it says "contact admin" to tell them address etc for stickers, but it doesnt mention user names of those who are admins, and when i clicked on the S15Admin who wrote...
  4. L

    Trying to contact Chrisyboi

    Anyone have a contact number for Chrisyboi, he's selling some seats I'd like to buy. Would like to be able to make contact with him to arrange collecting Thanks Liam
  5. C

    Need to contact Dammsy !!

    I need to contact Dammsy on here quite urgently but he has exceeded his max PMs and i cant message him. Any ideas???:cry:
  6. spoonman

    Fujitsubo extractors for DE engine

    They are as rare as rocking horse poo, if anyone's interested and cant get access to trademe nz let me know and ill ask the guy for contact details and you can contact him direct........... i think these are my old set and the catchment area was custom. Not the same as whats on RHD japan for a...
  7. R

    WTB: Front passenger window glass

    As title long shot I know Contact me on 07817028470 Thanks
  8. S

    WTB: oem s15 side skirts....

    hi guys searching for oem kouki s15 sideskirt for a long time but no one selling ,, if any one selling it in uk please send pm .,,, i'll give my contact number,
  9. S

    WTB: oem s15 side skirts wanted !!

    hi there i am living in north hampton u.k and keenly searching for s15 oem side skirts but could'nt find in reasonable price and not available in too,, if any one got a pair please mail me your contact number in
  10. Mange

    WTB: OEM Trunk Spoiler

    Hey guys, Im looking for a OEM trunk spoiler for my S15. Preferably in white and great condition ;) but most is of interest. If anyone know where to get one, or has one over please contact me =) I live in Sweden, but shipping shouldnt be a problem. Cheers / Mag
  11. Miss S15

    Stolen s15 please look :(

    I need everyone to be on the look out for this one of my friend's in waterford woke up this morning to find he's s15 gone if anyone see this car please contact the number on the poster below thanks.On the off change some Irish members might see it
  12. J

    contact number for james s15(tipperary)

    as above anyone got it??
  13. A

    WTB: desperate

    need bonnet, headlights and passenger side guards asap please contact me if for sale....very urgent!!
  14. R

    WTB: Coin Compartment Lid

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the lid to the coin compartment on a Silvia S15. Anybody got one they willing to sell? Please contact me. Cheers!
  15. K

    WTB: unused/salvaged s15?

    Hi guys im looking for either a salvage s15 or unwanted project as im currently driving a 07reg ford fiesta zetec-s and now im looking to go onto the nissan s15,if you have or kow of any please contact me on : many thanks kriss :cool:
  16. T

    FS: Mazda RX8 231 - Part Ex Available with s15

    Here we have a Metallic Velocity Red with the sought after Red and Black two tone Heated Leather seats. This car has a very long list of optional extras and they are: - Xenon Head lights with headlight washers - Rare Factory Fitted DVD Sat Nav Unit - Side Alloy Strakes - Front Alloy "V" -...
  17. T

    FS: New Greddy Profec B Spec 2

    Hi got a new Profec B spec 2, in black. need to raise cash instead of modding... looking for 240 posted ONO please contact me via PM. thanks T
  18. J

    FS: 15 row oil cooler

    as above 15 row oil cooler with relocater kit.perfect condition 200 euro contact 0860535246 or pm
  19. J

    FS: 17" Rays gold/polished chrome wheels!!

    PICS BELOW!!!! selling these for a mate,he bought them for his s15 track car 2 weeks ago,but never used them so they are brand new with 4 new tyres on them!!! think he paid 1350 for them but will sell for 1000 mabey a bit less. pm me or contact 0860535246.thanks
  20. J

    FS: s15 standard intercooler+piping

    s15 standard side intercooler with all pipes and bolts,like new....70euro contact no 0860535246.