1. A

    WTB: Genuine aero front bumper

    still looking for a proper non copy aero front bumper.
  2. M

    FS: S15 random parts

    Rear spats fibreglass copy good fit and good quality baught from japan 100 euro Copy cooling panel off here just painted pink 100 euro vertex copy skirts think there vertex came on car from japan 100 euro origin streamline rear bumper perfect condition 100 euro
  3. O

    FS: standard parts for sale and vertex copy front bumper

    Hi All selling a few bits I don't need any more, all in good condition. All prices do not include postage id prefer collection from Birmingham. Vertex copy front bumper not great condition but fits okay, was repaired by someone before I had it not a great repair but I seemed to fit okay...
  4. O

    FS: standard parts for sale and vertex copy front bumper

    Hi All selling a few bits i dont need anymore, all in good condition. collected from Birmingham. Vertex copy not great condition but fits ok was repaired by someone before i had it not a great repair but I did test fit it but forgot to take pics. Seemed to fit okay looking for £50...
  5. I

    FREE Copy of Speedhunters Limited Edition Photo book up for Grabs!

    To those of you who don't follow us on Facebook, we are offering a free brand new copy of the new Speed Hunters photo book that will go to someone chosen at random from our Facebook followers once it hits 500. It is shameless blackmail...I''m not going to lie So get following...
  6. J

    WTB: Wanted Sat nav disk for my s15

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the Sat nav disk for my s15. I have downloaded the file but am struggling to burn it. can someone copy there's and send me a copy as Kong as it works? I will pay for postage. I too want to see that I am in the sea! Lol
  7. G

    WTB: s15 radio brackets

    has anyone got some? or has someone got some they could draw around on paper so i can just copy them into metal.
  8. L

    Car stolen

  9. Mike

    1987 Vogue Advert

    A friend tagged me in this on stalkbook its from a 1987 copy of Vogue Magazine. Made i chuckle.:D
  10. hoodooyoudo

    Part # for Component Tweeter panel in door card

    Has anyone got any idea what this is? I grabbed a copy of FAST but .. I have no clue how to use it. :o
  11. K

    WTB: power fc?

    i know there like rocking horse ****e, but id like one! also need a turbo, standard s15 bb turbo or better woul dbe considered, not copy cat crap though please :D
  12. sliding-r

    Does anyone know where you can get a good copy of this in England?- D Max Spoiler D max Spoiler
  13. zml

    how to distinguish harness?

    can anyone tell me which one is the real and fake one? obviously i know which one is real and fake but there many people think they have the genuine one. so i really want them can tell me which one they have and they say is genuine one. i will never say the genuine one will be 100% safe and...
  14. crazymat666

    s15oc membership number for insurance

    as the title says i need to find out where i can get a copy of the membership number for my insurance company? anyone know or been through this with sky insurance?
  15. N

    Rb25det greddy or copy plenum????

    Hey guys does anyone no where i can get or no off anyone who has a greddy or a greddy copy plenum for a rb25detfor sale, its going into my s15, any help wood be gratefull. Thanks
  16. W

    Another "what front bar is this" thread :|

    Never thought I'd ask one of these questions but hey, there's always a first, and this style is different to the usuals... When companies copy a bar, they name it accordingly, eg: - M style = M Sports - VTX style = Vertex - T style = Trial This one is named "WK style"...
  17. DeanS15

    ebay part

    hi all, ive been looking at a part on ebay - and i really dont think much of ebay stuff - but its for a short shift gear lever kit and i cant see what could go wrong with it. (obviously i'd never buy engine tuning parts from ebay but this is just a machined bit of metal) looks like its just a...
  18. Nicely

    Copy Walbros

    Cheap copy Walbros. Don't be tempted. Buy genuine.