1. Saxon

    Resealing OEM Intercooler

    I’ve seen a few people reseal the OEM intercooler to try and aid longevity (and supposedly help it last under raised boost levels). I notice the end tanks are attached to the core with little tabs - I’m assuming bending the tabs back means the core separates from the end tanks? Then I’m guessing...
  2. W

    WTB: Wanted! Right door, bumper retainer, radiator core support

    Since I had a crash with my S15 i'm looking for the following Silvia S15 parts: - S15 right door (can be without window, door card) - S15 front radiator core support - S15 front Bumper Retainer Maybe also interested in: - S15 Vertex style side skirts - S15 wide front fenders +20 or a bit...
  3. langers

    FS: FMIC Blitz SE Intercooler

    Was gonna use this on my S15, but I don't want to loose the foglights or do any cutting to my aero bumper. It's a Blitz SE Intercooler kit, which came off a wrecked S15. There are no holes in the intercooler core, although there's a few dents here and there and I have managed to straighten out...
  4. D

    FS: S15 Spec-R Parts

    Parting out my S15, get at me if you are interested...Parts are going fast, so serious buyers only please. -SR20DET Blacktop engine stainless steel head gasket -GT2871R Turbo upgrade -Tomei 740cc injectors -Haltek fully programmable ECU (with software USB interface) -Upgraded exhaust manifold...
  5. tooley

    FS: S14/15 apex type 2 fmic

    Hey guys has changed to a type one type because of my new tubbed arches. I was going to fit It to the mrs s12 but there is to much faffing involved. No leaks. white core due to my car colour scheme. quick sale wanted £100 collected or plus postage cost.
  6. M

    buying a second hand apexi radiator question

    hey guys about to buy a second hand apexi radiator for my s15 just a few thing i want to confirm... 1. is that it has a few bent fins ( i can spend time straightening them ) also a few stains on the core 2. when you look down the rad cap it's abit brown <----is this a bad sign???
  7. - 0h -

    Need for Speed Undercover LAG

    has anyone had the problem with running this game? I have just installed the game and It seems laggy so bad. I launched the game, it ask me to create the save file, after i've done that, the game also crashed. how to solve this problem anyone? my PC spec is quite high XP serivice pack3...
  8. D

    wonder how well this would work...

    Kinda cool for the people that really don't wanna change their engine bay about too much! i know someone on here just the other day said they'd shifted them rad' back 20mm to do this sorta fitment. What i wonder though, is how well it'd compare to the likes of a full FMIC. Surely alot of the...