1. B

    W Plate White S15 Spotted Coffin Corner Margate

    White W plate S15 lowered with Duck Tail boot spoiler at Coffin Corner Margate heading towards Manston approx 1pm yesterday
  2. K

    WTB: front bumper corner cover and inner arch cover

    Anyone got the front bumper corner cover and inner arch cover for sale please? Thanks Peter
  3. S15Cro

    WTB: OEM Front Bumper

    Hey, looking for an OEM front bumper going cheap with fog lights and not cut up for intercooler? Preferably in white but not too fussy. Anyone have one lying around or thrown in the corner? Will pay for shipping to Cork, Ireland if needed Thanks
  4. V

    Alignment settings for time attack

    Hi guys , Wish there is a track section for discussion . Am having some headaches related to my car behavior as am setting it up for time attack , the tail is too wiggly powering out from a corner and it doesn't feel stable on high speed transitions. Below is the car setup and hope to get...
  5. B

    How do i replace this plastic triangle part?

    how do i get the plastic triangle out from the corner of the door? mine is cracked and i have a replacement but not sure how to get it out!
  6. LuPix_S15

    GT Race Mirrors - Did My Own Version :)

    Hey guys :) Thought I'd share with you my latest mod which I'm rather proud of lol... Recently I've been really wanting a set of GT race style mirrors and the only company that seemed to do a proper kit for the S15 is CraftSquare. They are very propular and pretty much every Silvia...
  7. S

    FS: s15 vented carbon bonnet

    has slight damage on the corner will take 350 for it collected from milton keynes
  8. 1

    Corner weighting

    AM going for corner weight my silvia. Does anyone know what is the OEM front rear weight distribution? 60:40 ?