1. T

    evo8 seats

    How much work is involved and which are the best rails to get to make these seats fit/work correctly in the 15
  2. G

    FS: Few bits

    Right have for sale a brand new still wrapped genuine chargespeed s15 front bumper from srb power looking for £200 ono collected. also a buddy club high leg carbon fiber gt wing looking for £200 ono collected condition is as new, cost me £460 if I remember correctly. And lastly a standard...
  3. C1TPT

    My car + An EBC = Doesnt work! :(

    Hi guys, unfortunatly I have completly lost it with fitting an EBC to my car!! I got a Greddy profec b spec 2 off my mate, fitted it.....nothing!! It was fitted correctly but whatever settings I used I couldnt get any difference in boost! So I assumed it was the solenoid and bought another one...
  4. mint

    who likes teasers?

    i do :p ... dammm :smitten: More pics tomorrow when there correctly fitted :thumbs:
  5. A

    air conditioner control panel???

    I have this CP: So I want install this will it fit and work correctly???