1. Lil SpecR

    Manifold cracked inside ...

    As above, is this a good enough excuse to replace? ;) Also looks like it's had some re work (welding) done at some point too anyway between exits 3 and 4...
  2. Nissan_S15

    Cant believe this. Tomei Titatnium Exhaust has cracked again :(

    So decided to take the S15 out for a spin today as it had been sat for 10 days. Everything was fine driving down a long straight on the A329, until I got home. The exhaust started making a weird muffled sound similar to last time. Checked underneath and low an d behold a large crack on one of...
  3. A

    WTB: WANTED: Drivers side rear spat.

    Bought some aero rear spats, the drivers side one is severly damaged im attempting to fix it this weekend but if anyone has one in reasonable condition even one thats cracked id be interested in buying it. Located in ireland Thanks Alan
  4. S

    FS: GM IROC (?) Alloy Wheels (5x112 19x8.5 +45 Offset) w/ Rotalla F105 Tyres (235/35/19)

    Looking to get rid of a set of wheels that came off my wife's Audi A8. The tyres are practically brand new, at most 1k miles on them. The wheels have some curb damage to them, and one wheel has a small dent and is cracked. You can tell all this in the pictures. It still holds air, but...
  5. paddyb01

    WTB: power steering pump inlet pipe

    Looking for the inlet pipe that bolts onto the pump mine is cracked if anyone has a broken pump laying around. Thanks
  6. S

    WTB: S15 turbo elbow

    After the above to replace mine as its cracked. pm me price delivered and make if you have one :)


    Anyone with a 2001 S15 can I have your reg plate number as my window has cracked and need a replacement but don't have regeneration yet! Help me!!
  8. I

    Cracked stock manifold : which replacement ?

    Hi, I'm the future owner of a stock JDM S15, and unfortunately, the exhaust manifold cracked just a few days ago... (it's rather cold in France now, and the S15 was not running very often) :( The crack is quite large, on the fourth cylinder, and I wonder what is the best replacement... I've...
  9. J

    New front bumper!

    right, ive got a works 9 on at the moment, even though it looks amazing its just too low and hitting everything, this one has last 4weeks. now its all cracked and split :( what do you think is the best to go for? possibly pics of the bumper on the car :) thanks
  10. J

    top mount cracked!!!!

    well lads,top mount on the passanger side is cracked slightly,,whats the best thing to do do ye think???
  11. S

    WTB: WK0 Bonnet

    ive cracked the paint on my bonnet, and it may be cheaper to get another one than get it resprayed. anyone got one kicking about?
  12. subzero

    Pearl paint problem - WK0 (3P)

    hi there, this is the code of my car, i got the front bumper sprayed b4 but it looked crap. now going in tomorrow as i cracked it (again) could some1 explain the way the pearl is applied. is it included in the mix or something. or do you layer it in some way?? code - Aspen White - WK0 (3P)
  13. P

    Tuning factory ECU

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I was wondering if the factory ECU can be programmed/remapped without any interceptors or stuff. I know the Nissan ECU's are generally tamper proof but I'm pretty sure there was a bloke in Aus who had cracked the CA18 ECU. Just wondering if there was...
  14. sushiming

    Bad news.....about my car...

    right try and repaired the copper washer on the turbo outlet pipe and its not the seal its the damn return pipe from the turbo to where ever it leeds too as have check ti out properly now the heat sheild one the manifold is cracked aswell on two side and both me and my mate think its due to the...