1. N

    WTB: 'Silvia' Boot badge!

    Hey guys, Would anyone happened to have one of these about or able to point me in the direction of getting one? Thanks Craig :thumbs:
  2. justin666

    Thankyou thread to Craig8585

    Just a small token of my gratitude to Craig for helping me out today with the car :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: With his help we just about got to the bottom of the non start issue and after much head scratching the car finally burst back into life!!!!! Not gonna go in to details here as...
  3. LuPix_S15

    Resident perv?!

    lmao good job this is not a family site otherwise I'd be lynched by the mob by now :D I blame Meddler first and if this is not the case then it's Craig... or Nicely... lol it's ALL the Admins grrrr *one finger salute* :p
  4. craig_m

    what do you think of this??

    i know this has been for sale for a very long time, just wondered if it would be worth buying at the right price?? has anyone gone to see this and know if anything is wrong with it?? any info would be great. thanks craig
  5. craig_m

    insuance prices??

    i was wondering what people where paying for their insurance. your age, car (spec s or spec R) and age of car dont no if it will make any differance, ncb, list of mods, insurer thanks craig
  6. C

    Wind deflectors

    Does anyone know where i can get hold of a new set of wind deflectors? Thanks, Craig :thumbs:
  7. C

    WTB: Pair of S15 headlights (non HID)

    Looking for a new pair of stock headlights as mine have gone a bit fuzzy. I'm after either a brand new set, or good used ones.. Would also be interested in just the passenger one if anyone has one of these as this is the worst one..? Cheers, Craig :)