1. T

    WTB: Wanted: Dials/Clocks

    looking for some s15 clocks/dials or even just the faces as mine have some crap ones fitted, ones in mph would be even better
  2. S

    Turbo whine?

    Sorry about the crappy vid. I just made it real quick trying to catch it, the whining sound is very low. If I drive it up to boost, it'll sound fine up until around 4k rpms, then it does a crazy loud whine sound. I don't like making the car do this, but I might do it tomorrow and record it on my...
  3. J

    ignition timing?

    hi, what should the ignition timing max out at on the power fc? basically my car is running like crap AGAIN. it sometimes hits 44? whatever that means...
  4. T

    Wiring help

    As anyone got pics of the best and easiest place to wire in pos and neg on a gizzmo ebc .Cause im crap with electrics and i dont want to blow anything.Thanks in advance :thumbs:
  5. Larsz

    WTB: S15 Passengerside Headlight

    As the above. Non-HID and the original black housing. The housing on mine has gone crack and now its a waterfall inside of the headlight, looks crap and police no likey here. Helpz
  6. K

    WTB: S15 Coilovers

    :cool: Looking for some coilovers for my S15... HSD, HKS HIPERMAX, TIEN HE, DG5, ETC... no apex, d2, or other crap... Cheers! :D
  7. Fruitbooter

    What kit is this?

    Sorry if this is anyones old car but im not a fan of this kit...not sure on the name? But when I get my car I want the Vertex kit which I think all these below has? If someone can confirm... But looking at the kit on pistonheads it does...
  8. DeanS15

    faces to names

    with the summer meet coming up and having not seen this sort of thread before on s15oc i thought it might be a good idea to put faces to names so we all know who each other is......? if its a crap idea just say and that the end of it lol. i'll start it off - i am Dean and this is me :)
  9. subzero

    SXOC Trackday - a few pics (not the best qual sorry)

    sorry for the quality - some came out crap but better than nothing i sapose...
  10. D


    Is it true that i need nissan gaskets when fitting my 4 branch and elbo as the ones that come with them are crap!!! If so do i need to order manifold and both turbo gaskets from nissan?:confused:
  11. M


    Any of ye Irish guys got or know where to get gaskets for de-cat section finding it hard to get em,dealers telling me cant be got or takes wks to get in such crap know they can be got!!! thanks in advance... Mark
  12. A

    S15 Seats

    Again with the questions :) Has anyone taken the drivers seat apart before? As in... if you look at the Service manual you can take it right apart to the base bits. I am asking this because my seat has generated an annoying spring squeak in the back rest. Only happens when you arch your lower...
  13. Nicely

    Crap parking... :cry:
  14. sushiming

    Rear pads

    hey guys i know we have all had talks about the best front pads but what about rear ones mine need changing cuz ive just notice they r crap which ones u guys using and where to buy i totally forgot about the rear pads when i went back to hong kong for some reason