1. NICKO

    Anyone know what these seats would be worth?

    I have these chargespeed buckets in my S15 which was chargespeeds demo car as some of you may know :) I might decide to get something a bit different but what would these seats be worth? I know being blue they are most probably going to be hard to shift as they are not everyone's cup of tea...
  2. S

    WTB: s15 pillar

    hey guys, Im after a spec r drivers side A-Pillar with the gauge cup thing, without the boost gauge. Cheers Sam
  3. S

    Rebuilding Z32 Master Cylinder?

    I tried to crack it open but don't know how to pull the rear end once I take the aluminium cover off.... There are black insert that I need to pull out but how is it joined? Also is there anyway I can take the cup off too?