1. S

    Hi from Lincoln

    Hello All, Just joined up as I'm on the search for an S15 Spec R... So I thought I would come on here and get as much info as possible... Currently driving an Almera GTi N/A SR20... Think its time for the boosted version! :nod: Does anybody recognise the car below or know anything of it's...
  2. 0

    Need a estimate on how much power i got.

    Hey people recently i bought a s15 audm spec s standard they are 197bhp/147kw, the car came with the following mods FMIC, pod filter & 3" turbo back with a 5" tip, so im curious at the moment is how much power does my car have at the wheels on 12 pounds boost? Thanks Al
  3. JaseYpk

    "Relief Valve"

    Was browsing and found this: Its a GReddy Relief Valve.. What do they do, is there a stock one fitted, and if so, where, and are they...
  4. D

    URAS style rear splitters

    Hello to everyone, I am new to the world of s15s and should be getting mine next week :D. I've been searching about for a pair of rear splitters for ages and came across these...
  5. X

    Autech Owners

    Someone had posted some Autech Owners forum link, but that's expired. I searched here and Google but didn't see a dedicated Autech forum/thread either. Just curious to know how many are registered to this community. :)
  6. D

    Which turbo!

    Was just wondering what turbo is better the t28 or the t28bb just curious. Why did they also change in the later models...
  7. mint

    Upper Rad Hose..

    Will the one from an s13/14 fit the 15? Basic question, so just curious.