1. C

    Car Cut Out, Now Won’t Start

    So my S15 is being ****. Driving home with no issues. Near mine the revs dropped and went to cut out, I clutched and revved and it revived it for a few metres and cut out at the junction. Managed to start again and go 50 metres and wouldn’t start. It’s got a Sigma keypad. Pressed the first...
  2. L

    Random Engine Cut Out

    This only started to happen recently. Basically it seems after a random bout of spirited driving when I come to a slow down or a stop the engine will suddenly cut out. It doesn't jerk or anything like when you stall a car. The battery light comes on, and engine light and obvs the steering gets...
  3. Havoc

    FS: SR to RB gearbox cut and balanced prop shaft.

    Hi guys, I have a cut and balanced prop shaft to suit a S14/S15 ready for an RB gearbox conversion. Never been fitted or used since having it done, was made by NISPRO. Want what I paid: £130. " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "

    Hesitation/fuel cut at 3/4K rpm, help!!!!

    Hi guys Got bored at the weekend and decided to move my Z32 MAF/AFM to the inter cooler cold pipe just before the throttle body on my spec r Wondered if anyone else is running than kind of setup or knows anything about it as I'm now having some issues, Mostly it feels like I'm hitting fuel...
  5. Badger0068

    FS: S15 Spec S full exhaust system.

    I have a full S15 Spec S 2.5" exhaust that I just removed from my car due to a turbo conversion. Downpipe, cat (hollowed out), center silencer and a 4"ish jap can on the back. Great condition. Any use to anyone? If not I'll cut it up and just sell the back box.
  6. FreakensNL

    Ecu function white/purple wire

    What does the ecu use the speed signal for? I installed a nismo cluster but still have the 180-190 km speed cut :( if I cut the white/purple wire the ecu doesn't know the speed right and i can go 280?? What does the ecu do with the speed signal?
  7. s15Irl

    Brand spanking new headlight!

    I finally bit the bullet and splashed out on a new headlight. Got it straight from nissan! Took almost 7 weeks to arrive from Japan! Not a whole lot wrong with my old one except I think there was a pinhole somewhere.. It wasnt damp or letting water in but outside of the plastic was cloudy but...
  8. tooley

    My Nissan Swagger Daily Beater (Now With R34 Front End)

    Just thought id show you guys my other car as my s15 is not my daily any more. bought myself a series 2 RS4 Was very happy with it! only bad point is the brakes are ****! Fitted my ebc and a fmic now running at 0.8 bar. Got r33 front and rear calipers to fit. The intercooler was...
  9. E

    S15 cutting out and fault code 43 TPS

    My s15 sometimes when driving and coming too a stop will cut out..happens also if you rev the car hard and let off it will sometimes cut out or very nearly..did a fault code check and got code 43 TPS ? My tps has two connections on it but only seems too be one plug on the loom? Any help
  10. N

    FS: Anybody interested in a few bits off my car?

    Aeroworkz front splitter for standard non aero bumper £180 Apexi rep cone filter £20 Custom 3" catback exhaust with centre silencer removed, 7" can and 5" slash cut tip £250 (not very old) Collection preferred from Staffordshire
  11. A

    Turbo noises.

    I noticed I can hear my turbo whistle/whine, cruising at 30 or full throttle. I realise this can mean a boost leak or something but is it as clear cut as a system in perfect condition = no whistle at all & one with a problem = whistle?.
  12. fez06

    autobahn88 fmic kits

    Where's the best place to get one from? Seen some on eBay but iv seen comments on here saying they could be fake. Getting fed up at looking at all different makes now I just want one that will fit with out losing my fog lights or having to cut my aero bumper
  13. Krish

    Has any body ever cut their shifter?

    I've seen some people do it on other cars. Obviously it's not as good as the real thing... But they are hard to get hold of. I have the URAS solid shifter which is an improvement to stock but the throw is the same. Has anyone ever cut the shifter before? If so did it make any difference? The...
  14. M

    Loom/heater problems

    my loom had been moved up above the arch but on the last dwyb day ive manged to start rubbing into it. so i took the wing off and cleaned the wires up and any that where broken ive cut and joined with new wire then taped up. ive also cut into the arch to give the loom more clearance now but on...
  15. N80Jamie

    Boost Issue

    Boost Issue (Video added!) I'm having a slight issue at the minute which randomly starting occurring after a short drive tonight. Due to the cooler air temperatures at the minute i'm running a lower boost setting (around 0.7bar) as i was getting too much boost creep on the higher setting. When...
  16. Luke

    Key cutting ? Alarm issues

    Hi guy i started my car the other morning when it was frosty and shut the door and they locked with the keys in and engine running it took me an hour to break into my own car :rolleyes: while it was snowing :mad: haha because i found the doors had locked but the locker pin next to the handle...
  17. S15AK

    idle over fueling problem

    I've had a problem for a while with my S15, it won't idle when reved. If I give it some gas when idle it will cut out, and it dose smell of petrol so guess its flooding. Driving about is fine, just struggle a little when coming to a stand still as it can cut out. what we have done so far is...
  18. A

    s15 Rear Overfenders, what style is best (im looking for a particualr kind also )

    Rightio so im looking at adding Overfenders to the s15, problem is im having a hard time finding a style of over fender i like, im not keen on the usual d-max overs, i think they look horrible and just push the rear out and look very bubbly, (don't know whose the cars is but will remove if...
  19. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    speaker cut out. amp problem?

    ok guys this has been an issue for a while now have tried fixing it all the time can't figure it out so i'll ask you experts. So one time i cranked up my volume loud in my car and it sort of just stopped like it it blew but not sure what happened. So now when i go to turn the volume up my rear...
  20. J0R04N

    Battery Relocation Kits now ready to order :)

    As promised here are some pics of the battery tray i had made up. It is made from polished stainless steel, it has been laser cut and the welded together. the welds have all been smoothed and then polished to create a really high quality product. For now i have had nissan laser cut out of the...