1. L

    Blitz se intercooler install, cutting??

    Hi, I've tried searching and haven't found a definitive answer. I'm fitting my blitz intercooler at the weekend, other than the battery tray is there any cutting of the front framework or bumper required? It's an aero bumper with fog lights Thanks [emoji111]🏻️ Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. 2fst4u

    Headlight bulbs

    So here in NZ it's illegal to have aftermarket HID kits fitted but my cars previous owner has done it anyway. Question: To remove the hid kit and return to stock, do I just need to buy a standard H1 for an s15? Is there any special little metal tab thing that holds it in? Luckily it seems he...
  3. R

    FS: S15 Bolt in Roll cage - BDC compliant etc

    as above, being removed from my comp car rare to see a cage come up for sale for a s15.. Its a fabricage through dash and heres a couple options for you; 1. £500 cage as is 2. £600 cage as is + my already cut down and trimmed flocked dash and you give me your stock dash (top half only)...
  4. A

    Supp! Just another Sydney sider.

    Hey everyone, Names Ahmiie ( army ). Recently became the owner of a relatively stock 00 Silvia SpecR. Took me a while to find the right one but boy is she clean! Just wanted to find a forum where i can ask questions and learn from others with the same car and not have to deal with the others...
  5. J

    soooo my knock reading is 59....

    im guessing this isnt good? could this be why my car keeps cutting under full throttle?
  6. paddyb01

    battery tray

    well gays I just finished moving my battery to the boot and the fuse box in the bay inside the car, anyway im thinking of removing the tray the battery sits on, is it a case of just cutting it out? has anyone done this? paddy
  7. adz87kc

    Holes in front bumper

    Just after a general idea of what you guys done after you fitted a FMIC. I have an aero front bumper which used to have to stock fog lights but i've had to ditch them as they obstructed the intercooler piping. I'm not bothered about that but i don't like having gaping holes there with the water...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Car keeps cutting out - doing my head in!!

    Right... Ever since I've had a remap my car is cutting out on rare occasions but now it's happening more often!! It's not the remap per se but what is happening is when idling the revs go up and down, up and down like it's having trouble keeping a nice steady idle rpm. The first cutting out...
  9. G

    origin streamline kit

    just got my origin streamline kit the other day would highly recommend to any one it was a genuine kit tho but it really is super smooth and the fit very good only a little but of cutting on the skirts and front bar for the cooler for it all to fit up
  10. J

    Greddy spec LS fmic VS s15 aero kit - fitment

    Hey guys, would like to ask those of you who have the aero front bars that are running the trust Greddy spec LS FMIC (or any other Greddy spec)... i need to know if the intercooler sits flush so that there is minimal cutting to the bar (where end tanks & piping sits) & natural look is kept, i...
  11. spoonman

    1st Option Gun or Cutting Compound

    What would you go for first, the Gun or Cutting Compound? Today whist i was doing stuff with my cd player, my dog jumped up of the drivers door, as i yelled get off you #@*$#% mutt she scraped her claws down the door, then got her arse kicked.
  12. richy200

    rear 50mm s15 overfenders help cutting arch?

    Guys i am cutting my rear arches on my s15 so i can run my xd9's. I have bought overfenders and will be riviting them on for the time being untill i can afford to get the whole car sprayed as then they will be blended. I am not sure what to do with the arch metal. Do i cut it into segments and...
  13. S

    V mount intercooler anyone?

    Has anyone got this set up? I quite like it than fmic there is a guy who uses trust cooler and radiator to do this setup. Seems pretty impressive. Does it require any cutting of chassis and etc or can it be done without much hassle? hks type s cooler be any suitable?
  14. kimi

    FMIC with fogs

    So who said the fogs dont fit ? My techy friend chris fitted my fmic over the last week, but he was scared on cutting my bumper so my other half Mark did it today, He was armed with a dremel and a flapwheel :wack: he had to do alot of cutting around the intercooler, however around the...