1. willy s15

    FS: nissan s15 spec s-r white 1999 -- ready race paper for track use

    hey to all i have here a sylvia for sell i bougth it from cyprus as drift car project car has spec s base non turbo and put on in japan sr20det from s14 tans is 5 speed from s15 manual non turbo as only spec r has 6 speed anyway i change my mine as i am not good finance and i have to sell it...
  2. C

    Open Event: Athens tuning show 2010 drift

    Hello guys. just to share our passion with you :) well last weekend the Athens tuning show was performed along with the Arena drift show . Part of the show were 1 S14 and 1 S15 that travelled from Cyprus to Greece to take part of the show. These 2 cars are a part of a 6 car team built by 1...
  3. C

    Project R33 GTR by Cougar Motorsport

    Hello guys. I have not been here for quite a while due to massive work onto this one project for year 2010. Just my way to say sorry for not being around as i did couple of weeks later. As for the project car i know it's an S but what the heck wish it was and i hope i get my hands one soon. Due...
  4. koullis

    WTB: r34 gtt spoiler

    wanted r34 gtt spoiler and shipping to cyprus.
  5. S

    CYPRUS :D damn, thats a HOT S15!