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FS: nissan s15 spec s-r white 1999 -- ready race paper for track use

willy s15

25 January 2014
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greece athens
hey to all
i have here a sylvia for sell i bougth it from cyprus as drift car project car has spec s base non turbo and put on in japan sr20det from s14 tans is 5 speed from s15 manual non turbo as only spec r has 6 speed
anyway i change my mine as i am not good finance and i have to sell it ( with hard cord heart )
is all oem untouch car with oem rims 16inc with middle tyres
interior is like new is perfect i thnik is rare with this orange -grey color cloth
exterior is good no damage at all
is rust free
hood is not carbon is just paint black
exaust is nice nothing loud
brakes is all front rear from spec r
has inside 2 gauges for control boost and oil pressure turbo
this car cames from japan to cyprus as drift car is model 1999 they didint pay taxes and cant drive it legal in road
it has race paper from club in cyprus
has clean title in my name ( i can tranfer in new owner is no problem )
it is only for track race drift use on track you take it and go for race thats it
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