1. G

    power fc identification

    hi all, i have recently imported an s15 and it had a few more goodies on than i was expecting. now it has an apexi power fc on it. it runs a z32 maf but i have also found a denso 3bar map sensor and a fast acting IAT sensor. now what style ecu is it L-jetro or D-jetro?? serial number is...
  2. S

    FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro for S14a/S15 - with commander/boost control/map sensor

    As title. Power FC D-Jetro (no maf) for an S15 but a couple pins can be swapped to use it in a 14a (this is what i purchased it for) I am selling all my bits to move away from sbodies It comes complete with the commander / Boost controler / Map sensor Price is £750 delivered & insured to UK...
  3. C

    WTB: Power FC D-Jetro

    As above for S15.
  4. S

    WTB: good ecu for s15 :(

    looking to run a d jetro style setup happy with hks f-con gold power fc d-jetro link g4 maybe somthing from haltec would rather smthing cheap as i cant really afford new
  5. M

    FS: Aftermarket Ecu

    Apexi + hand unit power fc brand new in box D-Jetro 700 euro ono shipped
  6. R

    Apexi D-jetro ECU Option parst, need help

    Hi there, I have got the Apexi D-jetro ECU for my s15 and cant find a part. The part i need is a air intake sensor. I have been told it's a Mazda part. I rang up Mazda and they say the start of the part number is right but there are didgets missing!!!! Part number: N3A11845 I need help finding...
  7. M

    Power FC D-jetro or FCON iS?

    Which do u think is the best for S15? PFC D-jetro or HKS Fcon iS? Basicly i'm daily driving my car and sometimes drifting. Will target around 430ps in the future. Which ECU would u guys recommend me? I i'm flying off to aussie tomorrow, so might catch up with u guys 1 week later.
  8. slammedmind

    apexi powerfc vs d-jetro

    Ok im familiar with the normal power fc but what i would like to know is whats the whole story with the d-jetro. I know it replaces the maf but how easy are the extra sensors to fit, and what exacltly to you get in the kit. Is anyone running one?
  9. sushiming

    Apexi Power FC

    hey guys iam looking to get a power fc soon as i have a frd going to japan so he will get it for me but i need to know which one is the right one to get as i know there is a standard one or the D-JETRO does anyone know the difference between these two?? can anyone help me on this please thanks...