1. R

    S14 Clutch > S15 Spec R??

    Ive searched and cant find a definative answer. please can someone who as actuallly done this or have any experience with this reply.. Can I go buy an S14 clutch kit (NOT flywheel) and fit it to a spec R 6 speed? please no answers with my mates, dads, cousins, brother said you can/cant...
  2. sushiming

    Road Tax

    just got my road tax and its so wierd mines cheaper than my dads dad just got a 06 corlloa 1.6 and his has worked out to be 205 for the 12 months and mine is only 180 mines listed as a PLG but dads is petrol car here is how they rate them now tho...very surprise tho...
  3. J

    Holiday! Yay!

    Got anything nice booked? This lovely summer sunshine has made me desperate to take a break! So I've just put two tickets to Turkey on the credit card (bugger it I say!). My Dad's bought a nice new apartment out there that he rents out so It's a cheap break in the sun for me (just flights and...