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    REED coilovers?????????

    well guys took a set REED coilovers out of my s15, anyone heard of them? and know what they could sell for? they have adjustable damping and height etc
  2. P

    Rear shock top mount access

    This seems like a stupid question and I have tried the search facility! Just bought an S15, and wondering how you could access the top mounts of the rear shocks, i,e if you have shocks with damping adjustment or just want to see what's what. Do you have to remove the parcel shelf to get at this...
  3. M

    silk road damping help

    i currently have a set of silk road coilovers on my 15 and would like to know do i adjust the damping under the car or the top. in the front i know its under. thanks mark
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    BC Racing Coilovers, Special price for first THREE s15 customers!

    As an official BC dealer, Im pleased to offer these to forum members Ok, there are 3 types available for the s15... BR Series Street and Circuit Coilover Pillowball upper mount Camber adjustable top mounts Aluminium top plates 30 way adjustable damping Adjustable spring platform Height...