1. Johnny

    WTB: WTB: dashboard LHD for S15

    Hi I need dashboard LHD for nissan s15, I dont want dashboard from Lithuania..so maybe You have any information where I can get it?
  2. Surfing Boris

    Carbon Fibre dash dipping / wrapping

    Hi guys, There are a couple of guys near me who do dipping and I would like to do the usual of dipping the centre console and door handles etc. Can the entire dashboard come out?? If so, how easy is it to get it out as I fancy dipping the entire dashboard!!!
  3. C

    Odometer Bulb Type?

    Hi all, Fixing up a few minor things on my S15, and the display with mileage reading is not lighting up with the rest of the dashboard. Can anyone advise what size/type of bulb it is before I take the dash apart? Thanks Chris
  4. V

    WTB: S15 Dashboard Parts, Steering wheel, Spec S Emblems, Air Snorkel & Duct to Airbox

    Hello, so far im not very lucky finding parts for my S15 in Germany. I need parts of the dashboard, to be exactly I need the lower silver dashboard panel right under the steering wheel and the upper black part of the dashboard (as mines having some holes in it). And im searching for an genuine...
  5. S

    Advice on How to Restore S15 Dashboard (Newbie Here)

    Hey guys, I just purchased my S15 this week and being an OCD I was appalled by the dashboard condition. I tried using a 1500 grit sand paper to remove any imperfections (It was a bad decision in my defense), but it just became worse. Do you guys have any products that you can recommend to fix...
  6. F

    FS: S15 dashboard & interior parts

    I am breaking my s14a next week so have my s15 dashboard etc to sell. Dash clocks, Dashboard top, bottom half (with glove box, centre console, centre with lid all included £400 S15 doorcards and a pillar trims with boost gauge £40 Would fit in a 13 easily or a 14 with a little work Cheers Alex
  7. K

    WTB: dashboard and center console

    hey im looking for a S15 dashboard with all the vents, center console, and radio/shifter trim. i dont need the airbag but i do want a spare key for the glove box
  8. laimis

    FS: S15 LHD Dashboard

    The dashboard is made from fibreglass. Dashboard weight is about 4 kg. Dashboard doesn't have inside bracet. It can be applyed for nissnan: s13, s14, s15.It price 300EU.[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  9. M

    WTB: s15 dashboard

    after an s15 dash with or without clocks
  10. F

    WTB: S15 Dashboard & all associated parts

    Hey Guys & Girls After an s15 dashboard & all its associated parts, dash clocks, center consoles etc. Possibly the doorcards if possible & a-pillar trims etc Am located on the South Coast so near there if possible but will pay for post if further away :thumbs: Cheers Alex
  11. K

    dashboard air vents question

    hey im new in this forum and i have a S13.5 so im doing some dashboard work on mine and would like to swap the air vents too can someone measure this for me. are the vents the same size as the 350Z ones?
  12. A

    WTB: Looking for s15 dashboard

    Hi guys, im looking for an S15 dashboard with the sat nav pop up screen. Complete. Offer me a good price plus shipping to Malaysia. Thank you.
  13. F

    WTB: S15 Dash bits wanted

    Hey guys, I'm after the complete S15 dash including Dashboard Dash Clocks Center Console bits Air controls Surrounds Vents etc Switches Possibly front door cards A trim Pillar Please let me know what you've got or where I can find all the above or e-mail me at flik at sxoc.com The vital...
  14. A

    WTB: S15 Satnav dashboard

    Looking for a rare variant in the s15 dashboard that features a built in sat nav from xanavi. If anyone knows the part number also will help a lot. Thanks
  15. H

    WTB: Wrecked S15

    Hi All! I`m looking for a wrecked S15, as cheap as possible. Spec-S/R doenst really matter. As long as the dashboard and the firewall is oke. Greetz, Hank