1. brickolo

    S14/S15 suspension measurements/scans

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, I'm trying to create a virtual replica of nissan S15 suspension, I'm wondering if anyone has access to a full set of OEM suspension measurements for the front and/or rear axles. I can't measure anything myself since I don't have access to a real s15...
  2. Parky

    How many S15's in the UK?

    Probably been asked and answered before but just out of curiosity, how many are there in the UK? Is there any website that gives that sort of data?
  3. Larsz

    co2 emissions

    Hi, I need some help with some data on the S15. In order to register it in NL, in need the co2 emission data. Like 180 gram/km for example. Could you guys help me out? P.S. And by any chance you guys know what the retail value was of the S15 spec R when it first sold in Japan? Thanks a...
  4. Nicely

    FS: Innovate LM1 kit with RPM converter and exhaust clamp

    I have a virtually brand new LM1 kit with the necessary RPM converter (LMA2) and exhaust clamp (bruised but in full working order) to attach the wideband lambda. The kit has only been out of its boxes once. Firmware and software updates are available from the Innovate Motorsport website. Here's...
  5. A

    Consult software and USB lead

    I am looking into getting the consult software and USB /Serial cable for the S15.. (Getting rather excited as before now all i had to look at was flashing red and green LED's on the S13!! :nod:) So I have read a number of threads