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S14/S15 suspension measurements/scans

3 September 2022
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Hi, this is my first post on this forum,

I'm trying to create a virtual replica of nissan S15 suspension, I'm wondering if anyone has access to a full set of OEM suspension measurements for the front and/or rear axles.
I can't measure anything myself since I don't have access to a real s15.

What I'm looking for is something a bit like this: [s14 subframe locations],
but with all the suspension joints including the ones of the hubs, and for the front axle aswell.

A clear photoscan of the suspension seperated from the unibody would also work just fine (in fact, it'd be even better).

Ik it's a lot to ask since there's tons of points that'd need to be measured, all in relation to each other but if anyone has or can find some sort of data like this it'd save tons of time.
Even just some high focal length pictures of the suspension from direct side and bottom views with good lighting would give a rough idea on where all the joints are.