1. D

    SSL Certificate

    Anyone else getting the certificate expired message when going to this site? Looks like the date on the cert shows it expired yesterday.
  2. Larsz

    Enginebay respray + parts

    Hello, It has been a very long time since I posted anything on here regarding my car, but I am in need for your wisdom and knowledge. I want to redo the engine bay and repaint it. So I am taking everything out and I thought maybe that is a good time to change some bits. It is already stage 3...

    FS: Pair of bride zeta III in red

    Not 100% sure I want to sell these or my other pair of low max vios III yet. Just seeing if people are interested These seats are MINT!!! Not sure on the FIA date atm As I have to put a price - 1400GBP Offers welcome
  4. JaseYpk

    Paul Walker (fast & furious) drives an S15!

    And as a result. the S15 is now uncool. and we need to sell up. photo is from november 2011, so is pretty up to date. Not a bad looking 15 either!
  5. S

    Build Date?

    Where can I check to see when my Aussie delivered S15 was built? This plate was put on when it arrived in Australia (Customs?) There is another plate on the cross member in front of the radiator but there are no build date details there either?
  6. S

    Aussie Delivered S15 200SX

    Here are a few pics of mine, bought new in 2002, one of the last made, build date, June 2002. Just done 39,000ks, still like new.
  7. hendo

    Calling all Qld S15 Owners

    Putting a call out to all Queensland S15 owners/drivers to get together sometime in April for a meet and possible cruise. The aim being to meet and greet, put faces to names and show off our pride and joy no matter what the state of modification ie. no inflated egos and attitudes over who has...
  8. ChrisKnottIns

    Email your quote to us if you can't ring!!!! Read on...

    If for any reason you can't contact us by phone, you could always email your quote to us. We prefer people to ring us for a quote but if you're car insurance renewal is due within the next 21 days, please feel free to complete the questions below, then copy & paste, then email to...
  9. S

    fitting nardi without losing horn/ airbag light on

    anybody done it over here yet? i got a momo boss and dw snap off but im not sure the momo boss would be up to date enought to be able to remove the airbag warning light so im after a how too with pictures and a boss that will work
  10. A

    Need S15 vin nfo from Nissan Fast, Fast

    I need someone who has access to fast to take a printscreen on the Specification of my S15. The manufacture date and chassinr should be visible. I managed to sort it out myself. thanks
  11. raytsang

    350z/z33 brembo conversion.

    guys got hold of a set of brembo brake calipers and disc off a 350z 2006. just need abit more info and confirmation. Fronts. these should fit on straight forward enough.. just need to drill out a hole for a 14mm bolt instead of the normal 12mm the s15 uses. also heard they might need a...
  12. C

    When will the D1 be on Silverstone this year?

    Been looking around on the web looking for the date for the D1GP in UK this year but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know when it is?
  13. D

    SX and Silvia Meet in Ireland

    A few of the lads and myself have decided to have a 200sx and Silvia meet in Cork, Ireland. We have just came up with this idea and have a place arranged. It'll be on a Sunday afternoon in the next month or so. Numbers are looking good already with cars coming from all over Ireland. I'll post...