1. H

    Consult cable and software required asap ***ESSEX AREA***

    I lent my Laptop and consult cable to someone a long time ago and I'm concerned i won't get it back before this weekend when ill be changing my engine. does anyone in the Essex area have a Lappy/software and cable i can borrow for a few days?
  2. Blizz884

    Car pulling left. Please help

    Hello everyone. Ive got my S15 just a few days ago and noticed that car is pulling slightly to the left. Traction was done a two days ago and this problem is still there.... When i straightne up steering wheel and let go of it (even standstill on iddle) vibrations turn steering to the left a few...
  3. T

    track rod ends

    Hello , I was looking for some advice my car needs new track rod ends again , I only replaced them last year . I drive my car most days what would you guys recommend that i buy .
  4. A

    urgent help needed

    while driving earlier the engine light started flashing constantly when on the throttle it would flash slightly faster, any help would be much appreciated as I've only had it 4 days
  5. Auss15

    What happened to the last 3 days

    What's happened to the last 3 days of forum activity, it's like we've stepped back in time....
  6. V

    New German S15 Owner

    Hello, my name is Andreas and im living in Germany. :wave: I own a '99 S15 Spec S since january this year. It still needs alot of work to get its pride back it had back in the days since the previous owner wasnt really taking care of it. Hopefully i can fix her up again and enjoy this S15 a long...
  7. Sparky

    Road trip to Ireland

    I shall be taking a few days holiday in Ireland from tomorrow, Sat 25th. Am travelling across country to just past Galway for a couple of days, then down to Cork. I am aware there are other members in Ireland so shall be keeping an eye out for other S15's whilst there. I will be in my black Spec...
  8. J

    Verify your odometer for only £29

    We are continuing to help customers find the truth about their vehicles odometer reading and we have a special offer for the next 5 days. Make an offer of £29 and we will accept. Regards, JOC
  9. Jordan

    Don't buy from emotion-power on ebay

    It seems my luck with eBayers is getting increasingly sketchy. Some of my vacuum hoses are looking pretty tired so figured it a good idea to buy some autobahn 4mm vacuum hosing off eBay. link to the item is here...
  10. DarioG

    FS: Nissan S14 for sale

    Please follow the link : I will be uploading pictures and spec to this site in the coming days. SOLD
  11. dave_t

    Gearbox & Diff Oil Change - Opinions?

    Got a couple of days off towards the end of the week so i plan to do some general maintenance on the S15, starting with a gearbox & diff oil change. edit:- i should add i do plan on taking it to the nurburgring, and attend a couple of track days in the not so distant future, so that's one of...
  12. N

    Hello from Indonesia

    Hi guys, My name is Nagesh, im from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a 2001 A/T s15 with a few mods on it, will upload pictures in a few days
  13. Fruitbooter

    Rant about this country (Petrol related)

    Well I’m surprised there isn’t a thread already! So last week when it all kicked off on Wednesday or Thursday I think it was..everyone decided the world was going to end or something and decided to brim their tanks! Meanwhile as this kicked off I was driving around on the red as I intended to...
  14. DeanS15

    very happy :)

    i just wanted to share my joy :D we recently started trying for a baby and had the first scan yesterday - so far all looks good, baby is healthy and everything is normal. one thing i was pretty chuffed with is that (having never used them before lol) it works out the missus was pregnant within 2...
  15. J

    rear diff

    hi, bascially my diff is on its way out, orignally when i brought the car i wasnt going to us eit for drifting. but the more i drive the more i really want to drift days etc.. what would the best diff to get aslong as its not hugely expensive, i dont even know the range of prices these are...
  16. DeanS15

    what's it worth?

    i want to sell my aero apoiler, but not sure what to put it up's pewter, with two very small scratches/marks on it. otherwise perfect. what's the going rate these days? cheers in advance :)
  17. P

    Adjustable rear Camber arms S15 £110 a pair

    Can offer these for £110 pair delivered to UK addresses. Price includes VAT and all duties VAT etc. Can also ship worldwide but need to get a quote for shipping. Delivery is in 7/10 days. They are motorsport quality and just what you need if the car is lowered and or used for track days...
  18. H

    R-Tune kit

    Hi lads, Just interested how much a second hand NISMO R-tune side skirts or rear bumper are worth these days? Thanks for help :)
  19. tooley

    Where can I find roof rack/bars for the 15? HELP!

    as title says ! i have room for only 4 wheels in the back of my car for drift days! need more!
  20. LuPix_S15

    ** latest fav pics of your own s15 **

    Hey guys :wave: Can't remember if anyone has started a thread like this on this forum but it kinda saves newbies from having to search long and hard to see pics of everyone's rides and also keeps us regulars updated on what all of us owners' cars are looking like these days lol :) Please...