1. Lil SpecR

    Seats ... any advice?

    Hello! I've put some dc2 recaros in my 15 and I love them but I'm not 100% happy with them. I think the previous seat had an extra low rail or something because I can't get the dc2 seats to Flip forward fully unless they're all the way back, and they seem quite tight against the door cards too...
  2. G

    Front lips

    Hi I have been searching for a front lip. The only one I have seen and like is the one from Honda DC2. But it doesnt seem to fit all that good. Do you guys know of any other options or if there is one that looks like the DC2 one that fits our front bumpers ? regards Gudmundur
  3. C

    FS: DC2 Type R Recaro Bucket Seat – No Rails

    Few parts for sale Collection from LU6 or Central London DC2 Type R Recaro Bucket Seat – No Rails (£450.00) Good condition, just need a good clean, 1 small hole on the side, 1 bolster not in position, doesn’t look any different. Please see picture for condition, does not come with rails
  4. S

    WTB: integra dc2 type r lip

    I know I'm asking for an integra lip on an s15 forum but I know this is a common mod. So as above, does anybody have a good condition integra dc2 type r front lip for sale? I may be interested in any other style of lip if anybody has one. Thanks.
  5. JDM_virgin

    DC2 Recaros in an S15

    Despite still not having the car back on the road, i keep trolling the net and finding new things (and usually expensive things) and ideas to do to the Silvia, my next plan is to maybe put some DC2 Recaros in, Ive done some reading on here and SXOC and it seems that the best setup is buying...
  6. S

    WTB: integra dc2 lip for s15

    hi i am looking for integra dc2 jdm lip for s15 but have to be urethane, cant find except ebay but they are not urethane so any one,,,?
  7. H

    Hi im 'Hawks'

    Hi there, my names Alex, my mates call me hawks! Im from England, Surrey and if anyone knows it has terrible road conditions lol. Recently got an s15 specr from a 1998 itr dc2 which is quite a step up and love it to pieces. Anyway just checking in to say hi! Got quite a few posts to do :) Cheers
  8. W

    DC2 to an S15 - anyone made this move? opinions?

    Hey folks, First time poster... I've been considering my options of new cars recently as my DC2 is going to end up costing me more in the long run what with the typical honda bodywork etc. I've always been a fan of the S15 but didn't realise how little you can get a Spec S for. Would love to...
  9. mint

    Hitting up the touge

    Yesterday a had a street FULL of Japanese Cars.. -s15 -MX5 -Evo3 -Evo7 -DC2 -DC2 -DC5 -Mazda 3 -Mazda 3 -Civic Coop Then the Police rolled on up in 2 wagons.. was pretty dam funny, So we headed out to the touge for some snaps.. Pic's thanks to Thacko from thackophotography.com :thumbs: 1...
  10. P


    Hello to everyone!! :wave: My name is Ewan from Edinburgh! Coming from the world of Honda's im looking to get hold of an s15 in the new year and get a flavour of some Boosted RWD! :D I trust this place will be good for some banter and buying advice etc! Here are some pics of my previous...