1. dave_t

    FS: APEX S15 3" De-Cat (315mm)

    Item for sale: APEX S15 3" De-Cat - The correct S15/R34 Specific Length - 315mm Description: Bought this Brand New, and has been on my car for a little over a year. I only removed it as i was replacing the downpipe and managed to get hold of a flexi-decat at the same time. Condition: Great...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Who runs a De-cat?

    I put my CAT back on the other day for the MOT but now I’m in 2 minds weather to put the de-cat back on as the amount of sneaky VOSA vans and car parks set up in some kind of seizing operation I’ve been sing has increased recently.. There’s loads of crap on the internet with people saying if...
  3. moomin

    exhaust Q

    Hi guys! Just wondering, i got myself a THS elbow, front pipe & manifold for xmas, aint got round to fitting it yet because its just too god damn cold! but, do i NEED to get myself a de-cat pipe, or can i fit it all on with the standard cat?
  4. B

    Exhaust down pipe and de-cat

    I want to order a front/down pipe and a de-cat for my s15 spec r,but I need to know if s14 parts will fit? Does anyone know for definate if they'll fit or not ? Thanks :)