1. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead too... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  2. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead to... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  3. A

    Unwanted hitchhiker

    Was changing the oil the other day & suddenly noticed a furry tail hanging down :ohwell: Its definitely dead & its not road kill, think something climbed up & got stuck.
  4. dave_t

    Steering Column Lower Universal Joint - Part Number? (Pics Inside)

    Guys I have replaced my inner tie rods and outer tie rod ends with Tein units, and also replaced my steering rack bushes for energy poly bushes. I still notice a slight dead zone and notchy feeling when moving left-right from dead centre. I think I have pin-pointed the problem to be the...
  5. dave_t

    S15 Alloy Dead Pedal/Foot Rest

    Well i have just ordered the R34 GTR/NISMO 380RS Alloy Pedal Set for my S15. Google Pic of Example Fitted Be great for heel-toe :thumbs: Now the R34 Dead Pedal is a different shape to our S15's, so the Alloy Plate will not fit. Does anyone know of an OEM or Aftermarket Alloy Dead Pedal...
  6. Jay-pan

    FS: XBOX 360 250GB (Gloss black edition)

    Xbox 360 250GB S gloss edition not flat black, with all cables boxed. 1 controller, 2 headsets. Comes with 10 games!!! MW3, MW2, BLACK OPS, DEAD ISLAND, SAINTS ROW 3, FORZA 4, RED DEAD REDEMPTION, MERCENARIES 2, RESIDENT EVIL 5, BATTLEFIELD 3 £165 COLLECTED, £180 POSTED RECORED.
  7. adz87kc

    Broken o2 sensor?

    Hey, last month i had my car re mapped and ever since then its been running rather rich from idle and throughout the entire rev range whether on boost or not. I ws told at the time my lambda sensor was 'dead' however i just plugged my laptop into the consult port and the sensor is giving a...
  8. fadli256

    Stock boost meter problem

    Hi guys, wonder if anyone can help me. Just got my s15 today. Stock boost meter is dead, it worked for a few minutes, played around a bit and went dead at bottom reading. Hope u guys can help before i send it to the tuners w/shop
  9. richy200

    WTB: s14 front coilovers wanted, mine are dead

    Hi guys, anyone got any front coilovers for salejust to chuck on the car for now, my front left coilover is dead. thanks
  10. E

    Where the f**k is everyone!?

    where is everyone this forum seems to have gone so dead. Just wondered where everyone goes apart from here?:confused: I like it on this forum but people don't seem to be here anymore.:(
  11. DeanS15

    FS: ths performance manifold

    ths performance manifold (brand new) for sale i have a brand new ths performance stainless tubular manifold, the flanges could do with a very light skim to make them dead on but otherwise its perfect. £50.00+ postage within uk
  12. S

    Power FC with D-Jetro help for plug

    I accidently pulled the plug and now i don't know which one goes where... Also lost the plug.. Just wondering if anyone has one and be able to tell me the wire configuration please!! or know the wiring diagram? My car is dead without it....
  13. P

    Work incident

    Basically at my last place of work i was working on a car and needed to put some rubber gloves on so i went to the parts counter and put them on. Problem was one of my fingers wouldn't fit in cos something was inside so i took it off and shook it. Pic below shows what it was i nearly s**t myself...
  14. D

    JDM Sat Nav and TV

    Just wondering what I am up against if i have plans for the JDM sat-nav when my car arrives? A bit of searching shows that a UK conversion of the satnav can cost up to ?1800 which is a bit high for what it is IMO. So what I need to know is: - Are there addition video inputs/outputs in the JDM...
  15. P

    lambda sensor

    where could I get one of these from, I think mine is dead!!! help plz in sourcing one :)
  16. D

    Battery Question

    Lads whats the story with the battery. Its shit. 1. Has anyone changed the battery? 2. Can i change terminals for a Uk/irl domestic battery? 3. Anyone reccomend a battery to put in or know what amp the battery is. 4 Can i get a battery with terminals that small? I was doing a bit of wiring...
  17. Yakozan

    Hello :)

    Nice :cool: Like this forum better than the old one. And better smilies to :wave: Question: Do you have any webspace to put programs on. Like the Nissan Fast for example? the link on SXOC has gone dead and it would be good to have it related to the site. :) Edit: Someone should change the...