1. S

    Wiper components

    Hi everyone . Anyone know where I can get the bushes and the related Components for the wiper link arms on a s15 or is it a main dealer jobbie? Mine are worn and have been bodged by previous owner. 👎 Cheers
  2. T

    suspiciously low price S15 opjp

    After being a member of a number of clubs a groups I came across a dealer called opjp. They seem to sell cars direct from japan at alot lower price than most dealers, I understand that they are grade R but this still seem a lot cheaper than most. Has anyone had any experience of them? I have...
  3. J

    Unscrupulous dealer

    A family with a disabled son was looking for a van converted for a wheelchair. They paid the dealer $1000 to source a Nissan Elgrand in Japan. The dealer not only happily takes the 1k 'sourcing fee', but he later presents them with a vehicle that was already landed/in stock ...with wound back...
  4. D

    WTB: OEM wind deflectors

    Anyone know where I can get these in europe? Japan and USA have high shipping costs which I rather not have aa you could imagine. I have asked the Nissan dealer in The Netherlands but they can't find the part number and can't get their hands on them. Are they available in the UK at the dealers?
  5. J

    Japanese Odometer Check

    Dear Forum Members, Unfortunately it is a fact that a lot of imported Japanese vehicles sold in car yards do not have the correct odometer reading. Winding back odometers (“clocking”) is widespread in grey imports. This issue can now addressed be addressed as we offer a new tool for current...
  6. E

    WTB: S15 SR20DE NA distributor cap and rotor 2001

    S15 SR20DE NA 2001 distributor cap and rotor nr on distributor itself 22100 65F12 on cap T716 on rotor T257 my Dutch Nissan dealer can not deliver any of these numbers if there is someone in UK, Japan or Australia which can order this at his local dealer and send these parts to me (in the...
  7. F

    Part Number for Front and Rear Window

    Hi! I'm try to order since a long time for my Silvia S15 for the front and the rear window the decoration strip which i need to glue in the windows. Anyone can help me? Anyone has a contact to a dealer who can send them to austria or have maybe a part number with which i can order them by my...
  8. P

    JDM parts wanted to know if any1 has Aluminium shifter surround Metal console panel trim or if a nissan dealer is still able to source these
  9. K

    Hi mates, can you help me!!! The link above shows a list of parts, i need the following part " s15 core support" The nissan dealer and the nissan headquarter here in the Netherlands can't help me with this part. And the webpage link above does not ship to the...
  10. subzero

    part number for s15 lightening badge ?

    i know you can get em on ebay and all that jazz, but im gonna get a genuine one .... any got the part number ? gave my chassis code to my local nissan dealer but i gather from his lack of phone call (dropped it in mon) that he is having a little trouble :)
  11. A

    converted to mph

    is it a legal requirement to have dials converted to mph on imports? im looking at a car and the guy at the dealer isnt interested in changing the meter. is he being dodgy?
  12. K

    power fc software??

    Does anyone out there know anything about the power fc software that i can get without having to go through the apexi dealer ??
  13. sniffy

    climate control blubs

    anyone know where i could get the bulbs that go into the climate control mine have gone and i cant seem to find the went to my local nissan dealer and they dont have em.
  14. J

    New S15 headlight

    Does anyone know how much will it cost to get only one side headlight from UK nissan dealer.
  15. irvs

    standard parts

    just wondering, seeing as the s15 is an import, how hard is it to get standard parts. say for instance you broke you front aero bumper or had your rear light smashed, is it as simple as calling into your local nissan garage and ordering the parts would there be much of a wait? being a vw owner...
  16. B

    Here's another swede... (got stuck with an FD3S instead)

    Here's another swede.. :wave: My name is Bj?rn and I live outside a town called J?nk?ping, in Sweden. I'm ordering a s15 spec-r in December from a dealer in Stockholm who a friend of mine reccomended. Take care guys n' gals.. :thumbs:
  17. K


    can anyone tell me if there is a eurp[ean dealer? i want some toys lol :thumbs:
  18. D

    Part numbers?

    Lads, Where does one go about getting jdm Nissan Part numbers? I can't exactly go to local main dealer and try to explain what i'm after.. Cheers, Derek