1. I

    WTB: Crank Pulley wanted SR20DE or SR20DET

    Wanted good condition CRANK PULLEY from SR20 S14 or S15 DE or DET are the same. PM me Cheers Immy
  2. B

    FS: SR20DE engine breaking

    Breaking this non turbo engine removed from my S15 spec s. It had covered 120k kms. Loads of bits shared with the DET engine or handy for anyone with a spec s looking for spares. Will sell anything no matter how small, can check nissan fast for part no.s Air mass 22680-52F01 - DE FITS SOME...
  3. willy s15

    FS: sr20 det -rb25det random parts for sale

    -tomei sr20 det 88mm 1.5 thinckness 100pounds -hks singe valve 60punds -rb25 stock intake 60pounds -s14 oem arms 80pounds -gkteck clear cover for cas 30pounds -sr20det from s15 ex with donw pipe 60pounds -cusco bar front 80pounds brand new -bar frond ( black ) used 40pounds -bar frond...
  4. P

    My de autech to det s15, Townsville Australia

    Hey guys! Very new to s15oc so I thought I'd do up a thread and show off my ride! Bought it 18 months ago as an autech fresh from japan. In that time it's seen the track a few times and see a few basic mods as you'd expect. At this stage mods include: -full det swap, not de+t :P,hdi front...
  5. P

    Hello :)

    Hi guys just bought a spec s :D Have a 350z at the moment so going to slowly convert it to det :nod: All these s15 build threads make me want to get it done as soon as possible. hello to everyone :)
  6. D

    DET in DE head?

    Pardon me for the stupid question, but can cams which are meant for DET's be used on a DE? I am currently running a S15 SR20DE, and no i have no plans of going turbo as i have another S15 which is a DET (wife's actually!) Cheers! Greetings from Malaysia VJ
  7. T

    serious det with colder spark plugs..

    being getting some serious det readings on my pfc with denso ik24 plugs in, over the last month it was registering 75 knock, even just cruising at 60, when the car was mapped a few months back ngk bkr6eix plugs were in, i had the colder plugs in the boot forgot to put em in b4 left :no:, any way...
  8. N

    WTB: uprated injectors for rb25 det engine

    looking for a set of uprated injectors for my rb25 det 550cc+ etc must be in mint condition or new, money waiting.
  9. N

    FS: Sr20 det 60k

    Sr20 det 60k running perfect and going well,£900.
  10. DeanS15


    :no: i had the car rolling roaded the other day at surrey rolling road and asked charlie and ben to put the det cans on as the boost level had gone up since fitting the exhaust and whatnot, plus the car wasnt feeling quite right. (also a big thanks to nicely for stating to be careful when...
  11. T


    Just thought i'd say hello. I have an S14 with a few subtle mods, and an S13 which will have a few not so subtle mods. Currently undergoing a SR20 DET engine swap, as the chocolate CA 18 DET is of no use to me ;) So, here's a pic of the S13, far......... You can see the...