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My de autech to det s15, Townsville Australia



Hey guys! Very new to s15oc so I thought I'd do up a thread and show off my ride! Bought it 18 months ago as an autech fresh from japan. In that time it's seen the track a few times and see a few basic mods as you'd expect. At this stage mods include:
-full det swap, not de+t :p,hdi front mount,gfb bov, hks boost controller, nisstune, walbro 255, hipermax 4 coil overs, cusco sway bars, works emotion xt7s, dba series 4000 rotors and project mu pads and heaps of other bits and pieces it's acquired along the way! Next on the list is some roof racks so I can transport tyres around lol. Since it's had all the new motor I haven't had it on the dyno but I'm hoping it will make over 200rwkw easily. Like I said I'm pretty new to forums so I don't even know how to post pictures yet so stay tuned lol