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    Detailing Jem - Only four dates left in April!!!

    I only have four dates left this month, so get booked in for a very shiny car now!!! Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website Prices: Exterior: For a full exterior detail including paint correction I charge £299, but I reduce that by 10%...
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    Detailing Jem - 2 x GT-4

    A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Essex to give these two GT-4's the 'Detailing Jem' treatment. Some of you may recognise the cars:nod: The black one was given a full exterior detail with paint correction and the blue one was a maintenance detail.
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    newest s15 in the caribbean island

    guys thats all the pictures i have for now. it need some cleaning up. my goal is to make a sleeper and get her up to 400hp. I drove it today and it seems pretty much slow. i guess is because it's still stock. I will upload some more detail pics when i clean her up. oh iam missing the rear number...
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    Looking to get a 1.5 way LSD, need HELP!

    I would like to know what you guys are running, KAAZ, Tomei, Nismo etc. ? '' What is involved in the swap, as much detail as possible. Also if the S14 open diff aftermaerket LSD's are compatible. Thanks.
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    what is the symptoms of circlip failure

    Hi. Any one able to detail this? Thanks C.