1. brickolo

    S14/S15 suspension measurements/scans

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, I'm trying to create a virtual replica of nissan S15 suspension, I'm wondering if anyone has access to a full set of OEM suspension measurements for the front and/or rear axles. I can't measure anything myself since I don't have access to a real s15...
  2. A

    Brake warning system wiring diagrams

    Had the brake warning lamp illuminated for a while, no obvious reason why it's on, booked it into a place to find the fault, he said wiring diagrams would help & he doesn't have any for the s15. Is everything I need in the service manual PDF I downloaded? I don't see any diagrams showing how...
  3. E

    WTB: wiring engine S15 and diagrams

    i am looking for engine wiring to ECU and diagrams to search somethings out because of engine swap in to a Datsun S15 SR20DE S-spec without turbo, with variabel valvetiming. please let me know!
  4. M

    Spec s redtop sr swap

    Ok got myself a spec s which i decided to swap to a turbo and have always liked redtops, only real problem is the wiring. Has any one got wiring diagrams for the spec s?? Thanks in advance :)
  5. J

    S15 fuse diagrams

    hey - in need of it..where did that thread go..?!? hehe thanks!
  6. Nicely

    Translated fusebox diagrams

    For those with JDM S15s who haven't looked inside the footwell fusebox, you're in for a surprise! :p Your fusebox diagram is in Jap. :D I sorted out translated diagrams last year to replace both the footwell and engine bay fusebox diagrams. The engine bay one is already in english, but if its...