1. Cris69

    FS: Lockwood silver speedo dial

    New never used Lockwood speedo dial looking for £32 delivered Picture to follow
  2. vinnie

    Speedo from kph to mph

    Hey Does anyone know where I can find the speedo to kph to mph? I phoned lock wood international and they said they don't do them for an s15. They said an s13/14 dial might fit it. Anyone got one for sale or know where to get one from. It need to pass the MOT.
  3. S

    WTB: Dial Cluster

    as above, my RPM has started aqcting really odd. jumps about and is being a general pain in the bum. anyone got a spare one ^^
  4. G

    Whats different about this picture??

    Can anyone spot whats different about this Dial cluster than the ones you normally see in an S15??
  5. J

    Whats this button for?

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Picked up my new S15 a couple of days ago, and wondered what this button is for, and is it original nissan, or aftermarket? Its located below the drivers airvent, to the right of the steering wheel. Its beside the headlight height adjustment dial. It has 2 lights...
  6. slammedmind

    Nismo dial cluster

    Can the nismo dial cluster be bought from nissan? If not where can i get a set from?