1. dave_t

    FS: Nismo Dials / Nismo Gauge Cluster (Boxed)

    Item For Sale: Nismo Dials / Nismo Gauge Cluster / Nismo Combination Meter Description: Only removed due to selling the car - Absolutely as new condition, full working order. Back in the Original Box Pics: Fitted to my S15 - They really look Absolutely Fantastic! £320...
  2. sibbers

    Speedo dials... anyone know how to make them?

    I'm totally used to driving around using kph now, in fact it makes way more sense to me than mph which is something I'd never expected... I can completely imagine how far a few km's are whereas after all this time of driving I still can't properly imagine how far miles are. Trouble is we are...
  3. S15AK

    New Dials Fitted

    Ok thought this is worth a post, just had my new plasma glow dials fitted to the S15. You can switch the colour from blue to green :cool: Have to give thanks to Graham at DCMS that fitted them, as it took him a while to get it all right.
  4. Yellow Peril

    S15 White dials

    I understand that this may well be sacrilege to a lot of you, but I really want some white dials for the S15 :o All I can find so far is a company in OZ, advertising on ebay...
  5. mint

    Dash no linger lights up .. help anyone?

    Ok.. tonight on route home from work the dials flikered on and off twice, I thought It happened but figured id gone mad. The issue's I had with the lights previous I sorted.. turned out to be the wires in the arch. I taped up each one and then together and now they all work 100% a treat...
  6. A

    Instrument Dials Not Turning On?

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should check if the instrument dials are not turning on (as in they don't light up when you flick the switch).... They were working previously, would it be something to do with the earth?? Thats a pic of the dials I'm talking about :D Boost...
  7. P

    Dim Dials?

    I've noticed this since day 1. My dials are quite dim, I would like to know if other S15 owners suffer from the same thing? Heres a pic of my dials at night: Does yours look like this?