1. G

    Jdm s15 fsm

    Hi all I'm in urge need of the japanese S15 service manual. Anyone know where to get it? I need it for the wiring diagram of the s15 digital climate unit, it is not documented in english s15 fsm. Thanks alot Philipp
  2. U

    S15 climate control installation (on analog controlled S15)

    Just wondering if this is very straightforward (will the digital unit take the same plugs as the analog one)? Or is re-wiring neccessary? Also a random question, is the backlighting on the digital unit white to match the rest of the controls? Thanks!
  3. S15AK

    Help! climite control unit?

    Ok need help please, really not sure what I can do with this. My S15 for some reason didn't come with the nice digital climate control unit. I believe it was an optional extra (my S15 start life as a specS). Or it's the unit from an S14, either way I've now bought the climate control unit. I...
  4. A

    s13 digital cluster in s15

    Hello everyone, just curious to know if the s13 digital cluster will plug into the s15 unit? has anyone ever attempted this? If yes how hard is it and is it worth the try at all? Another question, Will the JDm spec s14's triple meter DIN cluster work in the s15?