1. F

    200sx gear gaitor same as s15?

    wanting a geargaitor but there all tailored fit for 200sx ,anyone any links to ones that are a direct fit?thansks
  2. F

    350z seats into a s15

    Anyone know if 350/370z seats fit into the s15? If not anyone know what is a direct fit? Thanks
  3. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Bumper grill for Aero bumper

    My front bumper has been resprayed before I got her, and the lower grill appears to have been misplaced! Anyone know where I can get one, is it a direct fit? Or would I better off sorting something custom? Id like it sorted to prevent wrecking the rad :) TIA!
  4. S

    FS: Breaking a s14a 200sx. Plenty s15 parts

    all parts came from a working car and are in good working order Apex-I Super Intake z32 Air Filter £40 RPS Max Street Clutch RPS CYNRG Lightened Flywheel £400 Koyo Alloy Radiator with HKS Radiator Cap £200 GEARBOX, slight whine at top of first gear £150 Greddy VSPL Front Mounted...
  5. N80Jamie

    FS: Recaro Reclining Bucket Seat with Rail

    Just fitted a pair of leather seats so no longer need this. I'm not enturely sure what car its from (someone may be able to shed some light on this); possibly an older Skyline or Supra? Anyway, there is some damage to the right hand bolster, as pictured. The rest of the seat is in pretty good...
  6. crazymat666

    new lambda sensor and idle control valve

    im in need of both items in the title can anyone direct me to a good place to get them be very grateful
  7. spoonman

    Fujitsubo extractors for DE engine

    They are as rare as rocking horse poo, if anyone's interested and cant get access to trademe nz let me know and ill ask the guy for contact details and you can contact him direct........... i think these are my old set and the catchment area was custom. Not the same as whats on RHD japan for a...
  8. T

    seat rails

    Can anyone please tell me which make of rail sits the lowest and is S15 direct fit cheers:confused: also links to buy would help thanks:thumbs:
  9. andeep

    Walbro won't fit

    I've put my Walbro into the cradle, but the ports don't line up. I've put the original rubber holder at the top in correctly, as the Walbro one is too big: But the ports don't line up: What am I doing wrong? The Walbro is the correct one and is meant to be a direct fit.
  10. H

    NISMO ducktail wing - direct fit????

    HI Guys, I am in the midst of buying a aero/nismo duck tail wing and just wondering if anyone knows if this one direct fit to jdm s15 with the normal wing with the triangle light... here is a picture of the duck tail wing - does anyone know if this will line up or will it require me welding the...
  11. T


    Good Morning Gents, and any laayydeeze that may be amoung us? I've just sold my Elise, and have a hankering for something Jap and RWD again. I have had my heart set on an RX7 for a month or 2 now, but finding it hard to find one that meets my needs, so thought I would see what the S15 is...
  12. Jay

    WTB: tubular exhaust manifold needed urgently!!

    as title says... car is in the garage at the mo, having tubby gasket done, and during the process we have discovered the manifold is badly cracked. does anyone have one just laying around? it needs to be a direct replacement for the oem item. pm me if you have one asap pleeeeese, cash...
  13. I

    Engine for spec r s15 WANTED

    Can any help me locate a second hand good engine for my 00 spec R Nissian Silvia...or even direct me where to look.?
  14. LuPix_S15

    Front Brake Discs - Help!!

    Ok - I've done a search on Front Discs but the only related thread seemed to go on about upgrading to bigger discs and calipers etc. What I'm looking for are direct replacements for my standard S15 front discs but at a reasonable cost. I don't mind aftermarket stuff but nothing fancy like...
  15. G

    Irish lads! Quinn direct???

    hey lads. jus after gettin a quote there online from quinn direct tpft on both a spec S and a spec R. im 23 have 2 years no claims and they quoted me under ?850 for both. this cant be right can it? im with hibernian at the moment and they quoted me ?2500 on the spec S. this will have made my...
  16. B

    New Member

    Hey all just recieved a direct link from Derek.nice one mate.look forward chatten ye all