1. Ghost

    VTC solenoid

    is it ok/safe to drive with it disconnected??
  2. Larsz

    Rear wiper keeps going?

    As titel says it, when driving all of the sudden the rear wiper comes on and wont go off. Sometimes it does go off, and 5 mins later it goes on again. :wack: Even when i use the switch to set it on and then off, it keeps going. When its on off, just randomly goes on and keeps going. Sometimes it...
  3. subzero

    whats this plug behind the ECU ??

    got that ticking noise back today again , hasnt occured in a few weeks .... its comming from this ....the brown one , thats disconnected .
  4. sparks

    wiring gauges? HELP

    hey guys need some help with wiring of swoosh gauges red(b+) which is battery black= ground yellow(acc) which is ingtion orange (ON,the car power line that will not be disconnected at start of engine) DONT UNDERSTAND THIS ONE cant understand where or wat the yellow cable is for. and where is...
  5. P

    Help needed with manual boost control.

    Okay guys, (and girls), I have just bought a new Turbotech manual boost control and I need to know where it goes and what gets disconnected and plugged. Hope you can help. Cheers Paul :)