1. 2

    help help urgent

    The garage are fitting the driftworks S14 conversion flywheel for the S15 my son has and the pilot bearing in he centre of the old DMF is stuck they need this to fit the new one does anyone know where I can get one from please
  2. JackPilk

    Who is running decent power on their standard Dual Mass Flywheel?

    I have been doing some homework on the S15 DMF's and it's known that the S14 clutch kits fit the S15 DMF fine. The main option people seem to be taking is getting a lightened solid flywheel conversion kit that Driftworks sell, however on my old S14 I opted for a lightened flywheel on my clutch...
  3. S15_SAM

    Welding dual mass flywheel

    It's something I'm considering trying with a spare s15 dual mass flywheel I bought. Ive read abit about it being done on transits and toyota avensis's etc. but never On a Nissan or spec r, any body in aus etc ever heard of it being done successfully? I wouldnt weld it myself, a local...