1. M

    MorgzC's Spec R Aero

    Hey guys/girls.After a while contemplating (and maybe a little bidding) on Rx7s I decided to switch allegiances and get myself a silvia instead. Got offered Jason's15 car after posting up on Facebook and maybe even put a small deposit down before I'd even seen it...How she stood when I collected...
  2. Jordan

    Are these legit or replicas?

    Lads, Sorry for the noob question, i'm sure these are too good to be true price-wise and therefore probably dodgy fakes, but they look like the real thing? Advice please! Would love some low max's...
  3. J

    WTB: t28r turbo needed a.s.a.p :(

    cash is here waiting. needs to 100% working nothing dodgy. thanks
  4. Fruitbooter

    Passenger window problem...AGAIN! Argghh

    Okay so today I get home from work and go to put passenger window up and nothing... Check I havent accidently pressed the lock button but no not that. ;) Im not sure if it has anything to do with the window going all the way down and under the trim, reason I say that is because I dont normaly...
  5. D

    Opinions Please!

    I want yere opinions on my new addition. I fiited it last night. Must still put bumper on properly. I kile it and its staying until it breaks. Ps Anyone comment on my dog with the dodgy eye, I'll set him after ye. :eek: :eek: