1. M

    Interior Lights & Chimes Issue

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue i'm currently having. The interior lights and warning chimes in my car are playing up on my car and i want to try and fix them. The warning chime (when door is open & lights are on) is very faint and sounds weak and is...
  2. M

    WTB: S15 Drivers Door

    Looking for a clean drivers door for an S15 don't need door cards. Anyone got one for sale or know where I can get one?
  3. W

    WTB: Wanted! Right door, bumper retainer, radiator core support

    Since I had a crash with my S15 i'm looking for the following Silvia S15 parts: - S15 right door (can be without window, door card) - S15 front radiator core support - S15 front Bumper Retainer Maybe also interested in: - S15 Vertex style side skirts - S15 wide front fenders +20 or a bit...
  4. Saxon

    Plastic Door Trim

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this would be better posted in the "Wanted to Buy" bit, but I'm after this piece of door trim as the one on mine is broken. Any ideas where I could get one, or whether anyone happens to have a spare door card lying around with one on it I could buy? There was someone...
  5. L

    WTB: s15 drivers side door

    looking for a good condition drivers side door, doesn't need any of the inner stuff
  6. S

    WTB: WANTED: driver and passenger mint condition door cards.

    As above, I'm after some door cards. Mine have slight tears in so I would like to replace them with ones in near mint condition. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to collect......
  7. I

    WTB: S15 door lock motor (passenger side)

    I'm looking for S15 door lock motor which is attached with 2 screws onto the door closing mechanism, I only need the motor unit, passenger side please.
  8. B

    Electric Window/Folding Mirror Switch SHOULD IT LIGHT UP ?

    Hi have looked through many pages of the Electrical Section but cant find a answer, apologies if its been covered already been trying to sort out all the illumination on the inside of the car, Instrument cluster, climate control unit & lighter surround are sorted, are the switches in the...
  9. Keifer1903

    WTB: S15 passenger door and side skirt

    After the above in good condition after someone scraped up side of me. Colour isn't a issue as will be painted anyway.
  10. A

    WTB: S15 Driver side Door

    Hi, I'm looking for a driver side Spec R door. It can be in any colour however blue is preferred. Please PM me if you have one that you would be willing to sell. Thanks, Aj.
  11. A

    JDM S15 Aircon Issue - Ventilators and Footwell

    Hi guys, Up until recently my aircon was working fine - with the exception of the clicking noise coming from the bi-level door motor. Now the only mode that works is 'Defrost'. Nothing comes out from the footwell or front vents regardless of which other modes are selected. The compressor...
  12. M

    Strange Interior Lighting Issue

    Alright, so on the factory dome light in the car (the one that has three settings, On, On when door is open, and off) the light obviously comes on when the door is open and the key is not in the ignition. It also comes on when you unlock the door. So I hardwired my Valentine One radar...
  13. A

    Door rattle, screw wont tighten up.

    I had a rattle in the door so took the trim off & its the bracket that sits inside the pull handle of the door trim, the 2 bolts #4 that holds bracket #5 wont tighten they just pop out of the hole when it gets to a certain tightness, any ideas how to make them stay in or I figured I could get a...
  14. M

    WTB: Door card handle surround thingymijig

    after one of these for the passenger nearside door card. It's the trim around the door release pull.
  15. L

    FS: S15 Spec R for sale, Merseyside, England

    Hi, (Will post pictures when I have permission to manage attachments - new member.) After many months, actually a couple of years, of debate, I am looking to sell my 1999 S15 in blue. I live 15 minutes’ walk from where I work, so the S15 spends most of its time on the drive and it deserves...
  16. K

    WTB: s15 interior parts

    I'm looking for these S15 parts. I need it shipped to California USA. Let me know what you have thanks. -ignition switch with key, door lock cylinder and trunk PLEASE post pictures. Thanks
  17. N

    Power Window getting stuck?

    Hi guys, I've just started having a problem with my S15's passenger-side power window and wondered if anyone knew what the cause might be. The switch works fine and the window goes down no problem. However, when I try raising the window again it stops short, leaving about a 2cm gap between the...
  18. ArTo

    FS: S15 Carbon Doorboards and Door Still

    Hey, for sale S15 parts Carbon Door Boards 430 € Carbon Door Still 110 € + shipping to your country
  19. C

    Do you have an 80s alarm clock or a bong?

    My late '01 Spec S has a horrendous beep-beep-beep-beep alarm clock sound for door open or whatever. I've seen other S15s in videos which have a nice bong bong bong noise. Which do you have? More to the point, does anyone know how to stop it from going on and on all the time you have the keys...
  20. Q

    Help needed finding exterior trim parts!

    It's near time to get my car repainted and need to source out some new OEM Nissan exterior detail bits like the door trim, window trim and door seals/weather stripping, the downside is I live in the states so I need help finding these parts from you guys. First off, are these parts available?