1. paddyb01

    what are these plugs for?

    dose anyone know what these plugs are for there on the same harness as the wiper motor plug, i dont have abs so one must be for that heres pics anyway, thanks for the help
  2. S15AK

    paint question

    Anyone that knows anything about spraying/painting? I want to paint my stainless steel coil pack over, so dose anyone know what type of spray can would do the job? Thanks
  3. S

    Urgent help needed!

    Iv booked my mot for Friday next week but just remembered iv still got the de-cat in and binned the old one! :annoyed: Dose any one know what size it is i.e. Lenth and number of cells it is please!
  4. K

    Air filters

    Dose anyone have any info on which air filter has any significant effect on a sr20de should i replace the panel filter with a nismo one or get an induction cone. Should i clean the MAF when putting this on. Dose anyone have dyno tset results from different filters.
  5. I

    Power FC D-jetro english manual

    Dose anyone know where i can find the or if there is a power FC manuel in english?
  6. I

    S15 GT boot lid

    Dose anyone know the part number for the S15 GT wing bootlid cause theres two types theres the one with the duck wing and hase no renforcment in the boot lid then theres the GT wing lid wich dose have it i just need a part number cause i dont know wich is wich on nissan fast?
  7. I

    TE37's on a S15

    Dose anyone have any pics of TE37's 17" on a S15 with the off set of +30 or just post the pic and if ya know the offset let me know i want some for my ride but im unsure what size to go on if i can get a view on what thay look like i can deside on what offset thanks!
  8. J

    Gt spoiler brake light out!!

    Hi i have the gt spoiler with the triangle brake light an noticed that brake light is out!! Can someone please tell me how to change bulb as i had a look an not sure how dose spoiler have to come off or is there an easier way?? HELP!!!!:nod: