1. R

    new from dublin

    hi lads, I joined up a few weeks ago but hav'nt posted yet! my name is rory, from Dublin. ive had my s15 about 2 1/2 years now. dosent get used much but I couldn't see myself getting rid of it! anyway heres the car [/URL][URL=]
  2. Mange

    WTB: Proper wheels (Work, Volk, SSR, Blitz)

    Hey guys, im doing a small hunt for proper JDM wheels during the winter, meaning no copies. The real stuff. Condition dosen't have to be mint tip top, scratches and paint issues is not a problem. Im after 17" or 18". Around 9-10 inch wide. And with a nice offset. Pair or full set of 4 dosent...
  3. A

    WTB: S15 Silvia

    Hi guys, I want to buy a body shell or an S15 in bad condition. With or without engine, dosen't matter Scratched or dents dosen't matter either. Help me out here guys. Cheers
  4. subzero

    Low beam bulb removal

    Low beam bulb removal (pt 2 where to get hid bulb?) how the hell do you remove this cover without breaking it ... got the full beam bulb out no bother , this one turns fine but dosent pop out, is there a nack to it ??