1. dave_t

    FS: WTB: Pair of 18" ROTA GRID DRIFT - WHITE.....poss swap?

    im picking up my S15 next week, and its coming with a set of staggered Rota Grid Drifts. Fronts; 18x8.5" ET 30 Rears; 18x9.5" ET 38 i want to have concave wheels all round so im after a pair of 18" concave Grid Drifts to replace the flat faced fronts. i may swap/p.x them if anyone wants...
  2. Feast Japan

    Hard Ass Spec S

    Been following this guy on Minkara for some time now. He's running a Spec S with a N2 spec SR20DE. Circa 210PS or a bit more. Though he drifts it only, its always something special to watch being NA and all.