1. G

    S15 Spec S 5 Speed Propshaft Help

    Hi Guys, After removing my propshaft i noticed some nochiness in the UJ's. Can anyone tell me: -Are Spec S 5-Speed MT Propshafts the same length as S15 Spec R 6-Speed MT -Has anyone found a new Spec S propshaft for sale anywhere in the UK? Thanks,
  2. ryan3

    S14 driveshaft same as S15?

    Hi guys, I think my passenger side driveshaft is on its way out (the shaft from diff to wheel hub) was wondering if an s14 driveshaft would fit or whether I'd have to get hold of a S15 one? Ive had a look online but can't find a definitive answer, oh and it's a spec R if that makes any...
  3. S

    Play in my drive shaft?

    Ok had the chance to get under my car the other day was having a look around ond found that when I held the drive shaft I was able to twist it about 10mm or so. Is that normal to have a bit of play or am I going to have to doo somthing about it?😳
  4. T

    Driveshaft + Half Axle Spec S vs R

    I am currently in the process of swapping a RB25 into my Spec S. Since im going to run aprox 400bhp I was wondering if the Spec S half axles are equal to the Spec R and can handle the power? I've been trying to find some information about if these are the same or not. Same with the driveshaft...
  5. R

    WTB: s15 driveshaft 6spd

    im looking for a driveshaft from gearbox to diff. pm'd me with picture, please thanks
  6. Tony

    Backlash on driveshaft

    Hey ya all.. I was on a car inspection a while ago. the inspector felt on the driveshaft and there was a slight play,not much.. He said to me not to worry.. but I want to check anyway.. Is that common on S15....?? Best regards T.M
  7. andeep

    WTB: Driveshaft Nut

    Need 1 32mm driveshaft nut Must be the one that has that has the larger bottom end, as pictured:
  8. T

    Quick question, s15 driveshaft length ?

    I just sold my whole gearbox and trans last friday, got a z32 gearbox swap and measured it for a new one piece driveshaft and the shop needs the old (s15) driveshaft length and since it's in transit for a week I can't measure it. thanks in advance.
  9. S

    S15 Spec R w/ 5-spd (which driveshaft?)

    I'm running a S15 motor and S14 SR20DET 5-spd transmission on my S15. I just did the swap, but the driveshaft (which is complete from an S14 also) didn't fit right. It goes in, but it seems it's just a little too long, because I had to force it up and then force the center carrier to line up...
  10. E

    Mild winter - so I started my auto-manual conversion

    Started the process of the manual conversion today - can't be bothered waiting for the engine any longer - Winter only lasted a week (so far) and the roads are good for driving. (on that front - anyone in australia who knows roguepi from - could they go and give him a big...