1. P

    Nismo S-tune suspension ride height

    I ordered some new Nismo shocks (the S-tune ones with silver KYB dampers with red springs), I fitted them on Friday, replacing standard shocks that have only had a couple of year use. The front of the car has not dropped at all, have possibly even raised 2-3mm. The rear has dropped just over...
  2. S

    Huddersfield area --> South?

    Anybody coming from huddersfield area southbound over the next week? i need some parts collected and dropped either leisceter/pod/ or near london abviously the job pays :D
  3. Darren_S15

    MOT Breakdown

    Had my MOT yesterday which Im please to say was an easy pass :nod: Unfortunatley while driving home down some twisty country lanes there was suddenly a loud 'PSSSSST' and my car slowly concked out and I ground to a halt :( Put on the hazards and got out to have a look under the hood as my...
  4. mint

    s15 + s13 = WIN!

    With my mate Gav's 180 now on the road.. its only fair i got the chance to snap some pics of it before she gets dropped with dish.. and a new bumper lol! More Pics over at mintofruit.com
  5. Nicely

    Prophetic? :-p

    Did I not say that this wouldn't sell until it dropped under ?20k? :nod: :p Still don't reckon it'll sell till its dropped another ?2k...