1. V

    FR Sport

    Has anyone ordered anything from www.frsport.com They seem to have a load of S15 parts available and what seem to be reasonable prices. In particular bumper strengthening bars, headlights and some Apexi exhaust parts! I asked them about import duty and they said they would devalue the parcels...
  2. pegliobaglio

    car cover

    hi guys,i have been looking about for a semi tailored car covr,but there are so many different ones it s hard to chose,was just wondering if anyone has one they would reccommend at al? i am after a quite heavy duty one as the car spends most of its time outside atm,got around £100 to spend could...
  3. N

    clutch making this draggin noise when taking off

    hey guys , new to the forum and just want to suss out something. got a heavy duty aftermaket clutch cant rreally remember if its exceedy or something else but , clutch is making this dragging noise evrytime i take off , i asked the previouse owner of the car and he said its normal beacuse of the...
  4. G

    after market tie rods/tie rod ends

    just want to know what after market tie rods and ends everyone is using ive got just jap tie rods and heavy duty tune agent tie rod ends, and a pair of rose joint tie rod ends just wanted to know what everyone use's and recomends cheers...
  5. C

    555's or 740's???

    I'm planning on going for some Nismo injectors but want to know it there are any disadvantages to using 740cc injectors on lowish duty in comparison to 555's on mild duty?? Wanted to get the 740's incase i ever want to take it beyond thr 555's capability, but this wouldnt be for a long time, if...