1. japmadlad

    E85 (Bioethanol)

    I've finally done it. Been threatening to do it a while now but the rediculous fuel prices recently (135.9+ cent per litre for E5 in maxol) pushed me over the edge. The increasing availability helped pursuade me too. (still not enough yet though, come on maxol & Emo) So anyway on monday I went...
  2. S

    Convert your S15 to run high octane Bioethanol!

    Hi there, Just dropping all you S15 owners a line to let you know that we can now convert your cars to run a Flex Fuel system! This conversion will allow you to run on E85 Bioethanol, Petrol or a mixture of both, E85 has an octane rating of 104-109, basically it's rocket fuel for your car...
  3. raytsang

    What is E85

    Right this might be useful for us guys in ireland. as we can only get 95Ron from the pumps.... so what excatly is e85? It sounds like a mix in solution to boost octane.? how safe is this to use? and does your car need to be mapped for it?