1. K

    I'm finally in the gang!

    Hi :wave: I've been after an S15 for over a year and have finally joined the club. Got myself a lovely standard type S in red (the exact colour I was after.) My story is ... I hail from the North East of England. In 2006 I went to live in Japan for 3 years, hung around with some drift folk who...
  2. J

    SVA Preparation

    Hi, importing my car from cyprus to the UK, and am looking for a company in the north east who do SVA preparation. Any help would be great.
  3. D

    garages in the south east

    ive just brought rolands s15 and am looking to get a few bits fitted (suspension, exhaust, etc) any recomendations of a good garage or company in the south east??, but i dont mind driving a bit as long as the service is good any ideas anyone??
  4. G

    cigarette socket

    just found iut my cigarette socket isnt working. does anyone know mite it be a blown fuse or what? also is it east to take off the centre panel from around it to take a look?