1. Lanyard

    FS: Carbon fibre door trim (effect - not real) Super rare

    So I'm just importing a beautiful S15 and it's got carbon effect interior door handle surround and grab handle trim on it! This isn't to my taste but I've not been able to find anyone or anywhere that sell these... So it must be a crazy Japanese thing?! I have no idea what these should be worth...
  2. A

    Spec R Full Throttle Hesitancy/Stuttering

    No end of troubles with coilpacks, bought brand new set, [Shameless plug to Apex Performance] fitted them and all was well. Car has now developed a hesitation at about 3500rpm at full throttle. Part throttles fine.? To try and describe it better its an almost strangled/ clogging effect lift...
  3. crazymat666

    Damn car insurance quotes :(

    So I'm currently with sky insurance who Matched last years shop around price of 1250 which I was happy with but now I'm 25 and with 4 yrs no claims its gone down by £90 which I find is ridiculous to be honest.ive only got 3 points which is a ms60 which I've been by a company it shudnt really...
  4. Robbyp

    ABS fuse

    If i pull this out at the drivers footwell fuse box will it have any nasty lasting effect other than disabling the abs and will it work when i put it in again?!